Sample Essay Writing Paper on Role of Parenting and Ourselves

The role is the function assumed and played by an individual. The main aim is to achieve a
certain target in life. The choices of the positions we take are decisions that an individual makes
though it is influenced largely by other things such as the environment, to mention a few. On the
other hand, occupation is a task or job that an individual does for financial and survival gains.
Both roles and occupations go hand in hand though they differ at some point. Personally,
parenting has been the role of interest since being the eldest in our family. I had to step in my
parents' shoes most of the time because they were always busy at work (Irwin, 2011). Despite
taking the parental role, I am schooling most of the time, and I used to engage in books to
balance my roles and occupation. The part of parenting was good to me because it enacted a
sense of maturity in me; hence at a very young age, I found myself behaving very mature. I also
learned many things and became a stronger person to face challenges and develop ways to meet
The role of parenting, I can say it has been conflicting with my occupation as a student. My
parents used to bring me so many books and expected me to concentrate on books to make a
better future. On the other hand, I cared for my younger ones and ensured that everything worked
out well, including house chores. Balancing between parenting and studies became very difficult
due to so many destructions from my siblings. As far as achievement is concerned, there is room
for improvement. There are various steps that I have personally put in place to make the change.
To manage this, there is the process of changing company at school which I have embraced. I
have also developed new studying strategies, which makes my performance in education good.
When it comes to parenting, I have taught my sibling's many good behaviors, but I always try
hard to make every step go successfully no matter the situation. By approaching this method, I
will have improved handling my roles at home and in education. We choose parts, and


occupations should be very keen; some functions do not align with the field. Hence it becomes
tough to handle both. Roles should be self individualized in making choices to make it easier to
handle matters. Work has played a significant role in my life because I have achieved a sense of
achievement in many things, and my self-esteem has increased dramatically. Work roles in my
life have frequently been changing due to environmental changes (Corrall, 2012).




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