Sample Essay Writing Paper on Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Being positioned in the healthcare system to take care of patients and tending to their
needs while at the same time applying my acquired skills would be my perfect definition of
nursing. Although the professional field has its fair share of problems ranging from long working
hours, dangerous working environments to lack of enough staff and low compensation plans,
having the privilege to serve within my acquired skillset affirms the decision I made joining this
line of work. Over time I have learned that nursing is dedication, passion, and having the drive to
see patients as comfortable as they can get. I would also call it a service to humanity through
My grandmother raised me, but with time, age caught up with her. I was her immediate
relative and had to step up to make sure she was comfortable. As it goes with aging comes
illnesses. I was one day preparing her medication, and she said to my ear, “you would make a
good caregiver.” She saw nursing in me, which made a significant impact on my decision to join
the field. While taking care of my grandma, many values were instilled in me. The day-to-day
practice broadened my view on compassion, tolerance, concern for the well-being of others, not
causing intentional pain, and respect of rights and opinions from patients (How a personal
philosophy of nursing can help your career, 2019) Taking care of my grandma made me step up
while modeling me to the nurse I am today.
It is the dream of every nurse to deliver the maximum possible care to their patients. With
the growing inventions and policy modifications in the healthcare system, a lot will change in the
future. With my interests aligned in child care, I would love to create an environment where
children enjoy seeking treatment early rather than have nosocomephobia. This will be done
through research and studies putting into consideration factors like age and ailments. Creating

awareness about such environments will go a long way in the early discovery of diseases and
acting on a plan to manage them. With this in place, parents will have peace of mind about their
normal activities and not worry about their ill children.
In the nursing profession, a lot of the current values co-relate. The outstanding ones for
me are trust, integrity, compassion, and patient autonomy (Ethical principles in nursing: Tips for
nurse leaders, 2020). When one creates a compassionate environment for a patient, advising
them on the available treatment options, hoping they will make the right decisions will create a
bond through trust. By upholding these values, I believe that patient care will grow, and there
will be a change in the healthcare system. In 1st Peter 4.10, it says that we have all been gifted
with gifts to serve humanity and become faithful stewards of God’s grace (Notebooks, 2019).
Nursing is a service field that will allow me to use my compassion for children to create the
haven they need to restore their health back.
In conclusion, my philosophy would be through compassion, integrity, and trust to build
a conducive environment for patients to thrive during their recovery and, in the process, create an
unbreakable bond between the community and the healthcare system.


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