Sample Essay Writing Paper on Personal development plan


This document is a portfolio that aims at providing an in-depth level of information based
on my traits and personality and some of the various ways that it can be improved to help in
building a reputable brand for future employment opportunities. This system was introduced
through the personal development plan that was introduced in 2005 which aimed at evaluating an
individual's lifestyle as well as career opportunities to select the most viable and qualified
candidates for the open position.
A personal development portfolio is a well-analyzed document that aims at presenting
firsthand information that tends to prove the level of self-awareness that will help in stating the
abilities and the nature of a person’s behavior based on the qualifications for employability to a
certain job position or career. Mostly referred to as PDP, this portfolio helps in creating an action
plan, this portfolio, therefore, focuses ant evaluating several areas such as skills, level of
education, psychological skills, strengths, and weaknesses as well as aspirations in a particular
field (Strivens 2020). To ensure that the results of the personal evaluation are achieved, the
personal development evaluation system must cover several areas that are vital in ensuring that
this portfolio relays the required factual information.
Various benefits being able to encounter through the use of the Personal Development Plan since
it covers a wide range of factors and areas in my traits and personality. These benefits include:
1. Enhance self-awareness- this evaluation and plan on an individual's character help me to
understand what I need and some of the things that may not be of much priority.
2. Evaluate the level of skills and expertise gained- In this case, a person can gauge the
potential in a certain field or area, this is very vital since it enables me to identify the

Personal development plan 4
existing gaps that I may be able to fill as well as identify the missions on goals that I may
be able to accomplish.
3. Creation of a strategic plan- This personal development can help me to plan on the most
crucial and specific goals that can work toward achieving them hence providing contingent
plans that will enable me to mitigate the various challenges and weaknesses that I may

This area of evaluation focuses on analyzing the most potential skillset that I may possess and are
so important and maybe productive in ensuring that the level of skills and experiences meets the
employment requirements and standards in various job sectors. The skill benchmarking, therefore,
has an obligation of exploring and evaluating the various levels of skills, this may include soft
skills as well as hard skills. Some of the various skills that I have include the following,
Presentation skills.
I am an experienced person when delivering any form of presentation to a group, my boss,
team members, or to the public. I have had various opportunities to give presentations on various
issues on various occasions. In this case, some of the various important areas of presentation skills
include the various forms that make an effective presentation. For instance, when making a
presentation, in most cases, I do ensure to have adequate preparation to help in mastering the most
crucial points first to help in preventing confusion and clashing of ideas during my presentation.
Presentation forms such as maintaining eye contact are the most crucial when engaging the
audience, another area of presentation is asking questions to the audience to help maintain their
attention to the presentation. Dress code is also one of the most important aspects to consider

Personal development plan 5
during a presentation this helps in boosting the confidence as well ensuring there is official and
professionalism (Zhang 2021).
Teamwork skills.
Teamwork involves working and handling responsibilities and tasks within a group of
people working together. I have particularly majored in ensuring that I have standard skills that
will aid me in fostering teamwork within any given workplace. Some of the important capabilities
and skills I have in ensuring effective tea work include communication, time management, the
introduction of effective problem-solving skills and strategies, good listening, critical thinking as
well collaboration, and involvement of other team members in the various tasks and activities.
Microsoft Word.
I am competent in the creation, designing, and formatting of documents using Microsoft
office which is mostly used for official documentation and communication. Some of the skills that
I have in Microsoft word include the creation of design or mock-ups for printed materials,
formatting of documents to meet a desired framework or requirement. Presentation using various
graphical elements such as graphs, charts, tables among others to integrate with the documented
information. Creation of templates as well as sketches to be used both for online upload or
presentation purposes.
Microsoft PowerPoint.
This is a Microsoft office software that is mostly used in companies, organization, or
schools to help in the creation of professional presentation documents that employs the use of
dynamic elements which includes videos, animated texts among other graphical elements. I have
various skills in using Microsoft PowerPoint to make the document professional and more

Personal development plan 6
professional which will provide a productive and efficient presentation. These skills include the
addition of notes on the slide, creation of a good flow of content, creation of custom slides and
themes that can fit any random presentation goal. Am also able to use animation tools to help in
improving the vision of the document.

Gibbs’ Reflective Model.
This reflective model focuses on past experiences to analyze how and why everything
happened hence studying the results to help in determining the direction of a better future and how
it can be made possible. Gibb's reflective model focuses on six stages to help in evaluating the
experiences, these include description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion, and the action
plan (Chapman 2016).These stages play a bigger role in explaining how I managed to sail through
the learning experience to be able to understand on my skills and ability to handle various
responsibilities in presentation skills, team-working skills, use of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
1. Description.
Understanding the basis of the strengths and weaknesses of a person enabled me to fully
understand the best way of working on the weaker areas hence achieving a greater improvement. I
managed this by discussing it with class members as well as seeking guidance from the supervisor.
2. Feelings.
During the study, I felt so excited to realize and understand the levels of my skills and capabilities,
I managed to sail through softly since it felt like I was good in what I was doing, even during the
activities that I managed to handle for the first time, I decided to handle some tasks in a group
which helped us to easily solve some complex areas, this gave us an extra motivation on realizing
the potentials in other skills.

Personal development plan 7

3. Evaluation.
I managed to perform several evaluations on my behavior, traits, and ability to work with other
people and how I would manage to effectively deliver well to my group. I managed to use the system to evaluate my weaknesses and strengths while determining various areas such
as social and behavioral fitness. Another system of evaluation was through working in a team
which proved well how we managed to coordinate amongst ourselves.
4. Analysis.
The simplicity and the willingness of the group members allowed us to easily come to an
understanding of our abilities and capabilities in various skillsets. The use of various approaches
in evaluating my behavior traits and personality contributed to the greater success in the
5. Conclusion.
I have managed to learn that for effective outcomes and results on the personal development plan,
one has to give a generally neutral response to the evaluation n systems through being real and
honest. Providing the most sincere answers based on skills and trait levels will greatly help in
positioning a person on the most specific position in a career based on the personality one has.
This focuses on the skills, experience, and how a person can manage various issues.
6. Action plan.
Given a chance to study through the modules, I would majorly specialize in my weakest areas to
ensure I gain enough experience and learn the most viable ways of improving on my skill that will
suit my dream career. Working with experienced personnel is the best strategy for improving on

Personal development plan 8
my weakness as well as indulging in a series of practices to master the vital areas of experience
(Paterson 2020).

There are various companies and organizations within the UK that require several
specifications in terms of skills and job requirements to fit into the system to ensure there is the
realization of quality results and performance. I have a great interest in venturing into the industry
of Public relations to be able to work in any viable company that may present an opportunity.
Public relations involves working towards a company achieving a public good and reputable
public image to its customer (Regester 2018). In most cases, the public relations career involves
meeting with several people and interacting with external stakeholders such as suppliers,
competitors, and customers, understanding the nature and position of this stakeholder will enable
me to take the right steps and plans to help the company or organization to improve its quality of
services and products to the public.


Public relations industry.
With the rise in competition among the many companies that have risen within the past few years,
there is a great opportunity for companies to fill the existing marketing gaps. The greatest market
demand in the UK's market is the need for information on the existing opportunities that the
existing companies or the new companies can venture into. Public relations in this case is the
major industry that is taking shape in various companies and organizations as they strive to
achieve the best performance. This industry, therefore, requires various skills and abilities for one
to be able to win a Public relations job in any of the open sectors.

Personal development plan 9

Roles and responsibilities of the Public relations sector.
Some of the major Public relations roles in the UK Job market include the following;
1. A public relations officer is required to help in the building of a very strong and firm
relationship and creation of networks between the company colleagues, the customers or
customers as well as the public through the media, this can be done by providing
information and answers based on the inquiries received from the media as well as other
involved parties or organization.
2. The public relations office is responsible for monitoring and keeping a close eye on the
media platforms and channels such as Television, social media platforms, magazines,
newspapers, and other mostly used media systems by the company or organization's
stakeholders. This is to ensure that the public relations officer are well informed of the
areas that they need to work on towards building a positive public image (Edwards 2019).
3. Another role is conducting research and producing written reports and tribute press
releases to be released to the public to ensure that all the stakeholders are well informed of
the company's progress and changes.
4. Organizes update all website information, writes and edits all the speeches, articles, case
studies and annual report t ensure it meets the standards of public relations and promotes
the company's image.
5. Advocates for good community relations through organizing events such as community
support, team building, and open days which involves the company and the community

Personal development plan 10

Based on the employment policies in major sectors and companies in the UK, I have
identified the most common and frequently sought skills and abilities among those employees in
the Public Relations Sector. These skills are important to ensure the PR officers provide the
required framework and produce quality results in building a good public image for the company,
organization of the Government, these skills are important since they enable the employees to be
closely linked to the public hence identifying the opportunities and improving their performance
(Holmes 2020). These skills include.

1. Good interpersonal and communication skills in both speaking and listening to
grasp the actual happenings should also have excellent and effective writing skills.
2. Must be flexible and determined to work in any situation and environment and cope
up under pressure.
3. Must be good in Teamwork, negotiation, and have excellent problem-solving skills,
this is to ensure that the officer can collect all the relating information from the
stakeholders such as customers and community members.
4. A public relations officer must have a high level of awareness of the timely
happenings in and out of the organizations.
5. Must be time conscious when addressing critical issues before they escalate to the
6. A good public relations office is needed to be creative, having a high level of
imagination and initiative to help in assessing various situations before coming up
with a better solution for the situation.

Personal development plan 11
7. The public relations officers in this sector must be open-minded to be able to face
any arising situation and provide an appropriate solution without having much

SWOT analysis.
This is a system of analysis that focuses on evaluating various areas of the assessment of the
personal development plan, this analysis uses four areas as a framework and guidelines to identify
the positive and negative areas that are involved in the development plan of an individual’s brand
(Jasiulewicz 2019). Using the SWOT Analysis, I have identified various aspects of the Strengths,
Weaknesses, Opportunities as well as threats to help in identifying my best chances of developing
a stronger personality.
Creativity and open-mindedness- during the learning process, I managed to identify the
various ways of ensuring that the assessment achieves its core values to provide the best results in
the personal evaluation. Having several systems that would help to provide a systematic way of
developing one skill and abilities boosts the level of development of a person's personality and
skill level.
Wide range of skills- I do possess wide-range of skills in various operational level, this is
possible to venture into several sectors in my career that provides different knowledge and
understanding, This is also promoted by the extensive research that I manage to conduct to help in
improving on my skills and abilities (Hallal 2020).

Personal development plan 12
Limited evaluation strategies- There are no or a limited number of strategies that can be
used to conduct evaluations based on various skillsets as well as capabilities. There are various
abilities that individuals may possess that may not be well assessed and measured using the
common evaluation tools hence presenting the development plan with wrong results since they
give inaccurate results.
Personality evaluation advantages- The learning process provides me with a wide scope
on viewing how various skills and abilities can be gained or improved, in this case, the use of
personality evaluation greatly helps in providing various ways in which one can easily identify the
line of competency in accomplishing a certain task, this is done by studying a personality trait and
a behavior pattern making it easy to place a person to a certain task.
Constant changes in career paths- This is a great threat to the development of a person's
personality and brand, in this case, we identify this threat through the constant changes in terms of
technology and another system of company operations based on the market demand and
performance need. The changes may leave other people out since their skills, abilities, and
competencies do not meet the currently improved systems. The time to the time change on the
company operations may not match the unchanging skills of the individuals making the learning
system more challenging.

Various ways can be introduced to the personal development plan that will greatly help in
ensuring there is an improved result when working towards improving the skills that are required

Personal development plan 13
in the job market. In this case, considering the various weak areas, this plan aims at providing the
best strategies for ensuring effective improvement. These includes:
Introducing new and improved evaluation systems- The use of several styles of
evaluation and personality and skill assessment tools will greatly help in ensuring that the Personal
development Plan meets the expected improvement target. This is because different assessment
and evaluation systems will give varied results based on the different skill levels, competencies as
well as abilities, therefore, making it easy to make the right judgment on different personalities
(Sørensen 2018).
Conducting extensive research as well as introducing new technology for learning-
The introduction of the new technology to learning institutions will help in improving the learning
process to meet the newest upgrades. In the same case, extensive research on the new systems in
the market as well in the various organization will help in providing extensive practices during the
learning process to help individuals to gain more experience and the required skill quality and
level hence ensuring that there is an effective personal development plan in the learning and the
employment system (Rubens 2018).

Personal development plan 14


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Personal development plan 15
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