Sample Essay Writing Paper on Kanye West MTV Award Interview 2002

Kanye Omari West popularly known as Kanye West is one of Americas’s biggest
rapper, rhymester and a songwriter. His career in the music industry started in the mid –
1990s. He won the MTV awards in 2002 and held an interview with the same company. In
the interview, he explains more about his career progress how he won the Roc-A-Fella
Question 1: What are the first impressions of Kanye West as an artist?
From the video interview, Kanye West portrays himself as an ambitious person or a
go- getter who is ready to get what he wants. His interest in the music industry started when
he was in the third grade. The confidence in achieving his desires and aspirations is evident
when he tells his teacher that he could not attend class since he was signed up for a record
Question 2: What are the goals and ambitions of Kanye West?
Kanye is always patient with what he does and works towards his goals until he is
convinced beyond any doubt that all is lost and unachievable. He believes takes a routine
pattern that motivates him in doing his best to ensure that he uses all the available resources
to realize his objectives.
Question 3: How do you relate to personality in the interview?

Surname 2
Kanye West is a charismatic person, whose words have the aura to attract fans from
all standards of life. Being a lyric writer, he is creative and experienced in writing about the
contemporary life in a unique style that reflects the society. Although some people categorize
him as controversial, I would place him as a real musician who depicts the society in its real
sense of immorality and immoral preferences.
Question 4: Is there anything he says that resonates with my point of view?
He says he writes his lyrics from real life experiences. He started his music career by
writing songs for Jay-z, who helped him grow in his career. Being mentored by a senior and a
person with experience in the same field, West has emerged as a fan favorite. This is
important in my career growth and development because it shows the importance of being
humble and acknowledging the ability of others to guide us in life and careers.

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