Sample Essay Writing Paper on Job Search Report is the best website for airline jobs. The site presents a variety of airline jobs
available in Atlas Air. Some of the jobs within Atlas Air that have been advertised on this site
include Manager Structures Engineer and the Grounds Operation Supervisor, service technician,
mechanic and flow team coach. Each of these employment positions has its specific location
where the employee would be based. The location of the employment position is dependent on
the nature of the employer. For instance Atlas’ Air’s subsidiaries may be located in a different
geographical area from the parent company. Consequently, the employee would be required to
be stationed in a different environment. In this research report, the author presents an analysis of
the positions within Atlas that have been advertised on the fore-mentioned website among other
job search sites. The description begins with location of the job, nature of the job, also including
the remuneration.
The first position within Atlas Air that was advertised on the job search site is the manager
structures engineer. The location for this job is New York. Consequently, a person would qualify
for this position would be based in New York. Since New York is Atlas Air’s headquarters, it is
worthwhile to note that the person who would be working in this position would be based in the
company’s headquarters. The position is within the US not in any overseas branch of the
company. The position is also within New York, one the major cities within the United States. A
person who would qualify to work as manager structures engineer would therefore be privileged
to live within the city. Although the cost of living within New York has not been mentioned
within the advertisement, it is important to note that it would be costly for the employee to live
within this city. The cost of living within this city is quite high. Consequently, it is important for
the company to offer compensation package that would be commensurate with the cost of living
in New York.

The advertisement for manager structures engineer by Atlas Air did not present the salary range.
However, the employer mentioned that that a competitive compensation would be offered.
Moreover, potential employees were also promised several benefit packages resulting from this
job including life insurance, health coverage and 401k savings plan. The cost of living has not
been mentioned in the advertisement although the company promises to offer a competitive
compensation which is expected to offset the high cost of living within New York (McCrea and
Spignesi, 2011). It can, therefore, advisable for a person to apply for this position within Atlas
Air because the company offers competitive packages which would enable the employees to cop
with New York’s high cost of living.
According to the company’s employee reviews, there is an adequate room for growth in career.
Growth is possible within this organization because when a person is employed, they begin from
lower level positions, gradually advancing their careers as they gain more experience within the
company. The compensation package is also considered to be great within this industry. A
former Atlas Air Inc’s captain who was based in Miami, Florida considers good salary and
compensation packages as some of the pros associated with working in Atlas Air. The
company’s finances are also considered to be solid and therefore there are slim chances of the
company getting liquidated (Lamb et al. 2010). Employees’ job security is, therefore,
guaranteed. The company provides long term career opportunities because of its strong financial
The grounds operation supervisor is yet another employment position advertised by Atlas Air
Inc. The grounds operations supervisor would be in charge of the loading and offloading of
aircraft. The employee would also monitor the movement of aircraft from one location to another
within the aircraft ensuring that there is adequate safety for the company, its aircrafts as well as

people. The position is located in Miami Florida. The successful candidate would therefore be
required to work from this city meeting all the requirements of the company as outlined in the
job description. The employee would, therefore, be required to reside within the city to ensure
that he is able to perform the functions in accordance with the standards of the organization. The
location of this job is within a major city in the US whose cost of living may not be as high New
York’s (Foner, 2005). Employees would only be required to adjust to the standards of living
within this city if they would be coming from other cities.
The advertiser did not provide salary ranges for this position. However, potential employees are
promised competitive compensation which is accompanied with other packages like health
coverage and life insurance. People who qualify for this position would also be enrolled in the
company’s 401k savings plan, which would be beneficial to them in the long run. It is also
important to note that the there more packages which the employer has promised potential
candidates without necessarily specifying their nature. Although the cost of living in Miami is
not as high as New York’s, Atlas Air Inc still promises a competitive compensation for its
employees. It is important for the company to offer a competitive compensation package for its
employees to avoid losing them to competitors. Besides, when attractive remuneration are
offered to employees, they would be able to perform their duties with a higher level of precision
knowing that it is a valuable position.
The company has a solid financial position and therefore employees who work within the
company are assured of its continued good performance regardless of the financial turmoil that
may face the economy. Employees also have higher chances of growth in their career. It is
possible for employees to advance their careers within Atlas Air Inc because they join the
company at lower levels of employees and work their way up. There is adequate room for career

growth and advancement within the company. The only challenge that is posed with career
growth as outlined by one of the company’s former employees is that once a person has attained
a career peak in the company, he is forced out by pressure from fellow senior employees. It was
on this basis that the employee, n his review of Atlas Air, discouraged people from applying for
any position within the company.
The reviews conducted by some current and former employees of Atlas Air Inc synonymously
consider the company as a good place to work. Apart from a few conflicts among staff members
in particular subsidiaries of the company, there is a strong belief that Atlas Air Inc is indeed a
wonderful company for any person to work. The company offers long term career opportunities,
allowing employees to learn and advance their careers as they gain more experience within the
company. Consequently, it is advisable for people to apply and work within the company. has provided high quality information about employment positions available at
Atlas Air Inc. It is therefore the best electronic source for information about job vacancies in
Atlas Air Inc among other companies within the US and even overseas.

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