Sample Essay Writing Paper on Culture

1. Please describe a time where you have felt that someone else has unfairly judged you
based on the way you look, or because of a group membership you belong to (e.g.,
religious, political, sexual orientation, ethnic, etc.).
I am an Arab and Muslim. Therefore, I have been judged unfairly by people because of
my religion, ethnicity and dressing mode. One of the instances is when I was in the
United States, one of the fellow students judged unfairly citing that I am from a society of
terrorists due t my religious orientation and ethnicity.
2. How did this make you feel about yourself?
I felt bad that I wanted to go back to my country. Tolerating such cases is very hard.
However, endured with time.
3. How did this make you feel about the person who incorrectly passed judgment on
I had to hate the passion who incorrectly passed judgement on me. I did not want to see
that person again or to interact with that person again. However, I had to understand the
person with time.
4. Describe a time when you unfairly stereotyped an individual from a different
There was a time when I also stereotyped a person unfairly. The person who misjudged
me, I also misjudged him. I stereotyped the person as violent and racist based on their
ethnicity citing those whites are bad people.
5. How did this make you feel once you realized you unfairly judged them?
I felt guilty for misjudging the person based on his actions and behavior before
interacting with the person and other people of the same ethnicity.

6. What is human nature?
Refers to fundamental traits and dispositions of humans including acting, feeling and
thinking. It also encompasses living life. Some of the common characteristics of human
nature include hard times, chaos, self-image, rebellion as well as emotion.
7. What is the relationship between human and nature?
Human depends on nature for survival. For instance, the food, water, and the shelter
come from the nature. Therefore, humans need to protect and preserve nature.
8. What is the purpose of life?
The purpose of life is what motivates humans to wake up every day. For instance,
humans live to make better decisions, shape goals, create meaning, provide a sense of
direction, and influence behavior. The purpose of life varies from one person to the other
because people have different paths they identify with in life. When the people identify
their gifts and talents and use them effectively to better the world and its living things,
then, that is true purpose of life.
9. What does an ideal society look like?
An ideal society is one which every individual is able to live a decent life in terms of
access to resources including quality education and healthcare. Therefore, an ideal
society encompasses equality and equity in terms of resource sharing. As a result, there is
no poverty and unemployment. All the people in the society are treated equally regardless
of their economic status, age, gender as well as religion.