Sample Essay Writing Paper on Academic Research Skills Reflection

After completing ENGL 1101, I expected ENGL 1102 to be about putting down on paper
and evaluating my work at the same time considering my audience while organizing and creating
ideas logically, analyzing, and improving more on research skills. But not the case since
ENGL1102 emphasizes on argumentative manuscripting and has raised my skills to create
persuasive appeals which are grounded on the peak academic ethics of logic and evidence. My
expectations have been raised through the increased capability to make my ideas by creating
scholarly arguments that work with other academics. Now I think I have earned not only the
tools learned to better my thinking but also the technical skills about reading and writing.
What I have learned about audience and purpose in writing is that the skill pays dividends
all points of professional and personal life as it is a workout meant to show how to keenly draw,
help and exchange thoughts. In order to create readability and capture my audience, I have to use
a good format, which is a font style of Times New Roman and font size of not more than 12 or
less than 10 to ease visibility. Also, my work has to be double spaced with 1-inch margins, and
the style in use be relevant to the audience. Moreover, I have to use bulleted lists and diagrams;
this is to ease readability and quickly offer data in circumstances where information is huge and
in separate texts.

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Nevertheless, in my writing, I have to use clear language in order for the text to be
accessible and perhaps not using complicated phrases, cryptic language, and long lines. I have to
decide on what choice of words I have to use while writing as the most preferred language to use
is a plain simple language, which gives success to the audience's comprehension. Too, an
organization is key as the audience reads faster than the text. I can achieve this by following the
logical order of the genre, as this improves the readers' readiness as they want unity in what they
read. Also, to maintain a good style, I have to use expressions and phrases to show the change in
ideas, as well they support the connection between thoughts or a move to new thoughts.
Moreover, sentences that I structure have to be in the correct syntax. each sentence
should have known information, and to the end of it have new data, as well it is easier to grasp
the meaning of a sentence divided into clauses. Furthermore, all my writing should be inactive
voice since its more direct with the subject doing the action. I learned this by keenly adhering
and reading the lecture notes as well as studying samples of authors on the websites and from the
information I got on the website pages. In the future, I can apply it to my professional life as well
as my personal life to write academic articles which are of my best effort and appeal grasping
and also use my skills to get little cash to support me in life.
I have learned writing is an act itself, is a way of thinking, and of knowing as much of the
analysis done on the data happens in the act about wring as inquiry. Writing is always a cognitive
activity as it relies on the act of composing so that I get certain ideas. As a result, it needs
courage and recording what others saying the response to the questions I ask. Also, writing is a
knowledge-making activity as it involves the making of new meaning. I can use writing as an
inquiry in the future by starting writing an inquiry query in my mind and on paper and also
generate a draft immediately and then listen to what the writing tells me.

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Before ENGL 1102, I thought academic research was research meant to provide answers
to any learner concerning their assignment. Now I think I am enlightened to know that academic
research is a systematic investigation meant to offer solutions by identifying facts of the problem
in question and uses formal, scientific, and systematic methods. However, what surprised me
most about my research project was the fact that I can just research by having to tour around
interviewing and giving questionnaires. The most difficult part of the research process for me
was the discussion chapter. It required intensive thinking and was the part that had most weight
in a matter of producing original ideas and concepts on the data.
Besides, I have learned that reading influences writing, and writing, in turn, affects
reading about the relationship between reading and writing. I have come to know that reading
instruction is most effective when knotted with writing, and the more reading I do, the more I
become a better writer. The many books that I can read allow me to write on my own since
reading also entails learning and plays a major role in writing. I can apply this in the future by
receiving and making my ideas by inspiring to question, revel and provoke and also let my ideas
by understood.
Furthermore, I have learned the five phases about the stages of the writing process. They
include prewriting, where I chose the topic and analyzed it down in points, and determine the
purpose of my writing. Drafting where I put my points and thoughts on paper and logically
design than in a readable manner. Revision is another phase where I thoroughly check the points
and rearrange them and then add new points or remove points. Editing is the fourth as I have to
check for the tone, spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and document format.
Firth is publishing where I submit my work to the publisher. I think the most important part of
the writing process is the prewriting stage because I have to choose a topic to analyze carefully

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while choosing the audience and finding my idea to support my work. Ii can use the writing
process in the future by using it to come up with ideas and the audience to write as it guides me
in correcting my writing.
My attitude toward reading and writing is now open-minded. I think my skills have
technically been expertized and also gained more skills in writing and reading because of self-
fulfillment, and I have acquired enough knowledge. I plan to use these skills to write academic writing to audiences and well as read to better my writing.