Sample Essay: Two Advantages of Education System in Germany


An education system refers to structural programs for different study levels in public schools. Most education systems are based on academic and non-academic aspects such as social skills, fine arts and individual talents.In Germany the system is quit unique in that it is structurally modified into various stages or levels based on academic abilities. These basic levels pre-school; primary or elementary; first phase secondary; second phase secondary and finally tertiary or university. The pre-school is commonly referred to as kindergarten and helps kids acquire social maturity.The primary level also called grandschule has four grades. The 1st and 2nd secondary phases are based on academic. The students choose them based on their academic abilities and help from their parents or guardians as well as their teachers. The article reviews two advantages of the education system in Germany based on the suitability upon completion of the studies by the children.

Advantages of Education System in Germany

The education system in Germany offers certain advantages. To begin with students are able to be grouped based on their abilities and each child or student has an equal opportunity to pursue education as per his or her level. The physically and mentally challenged children are also well catered for. This is opposed to many systems all over the world since pupils or students are grouped based on their capabilities from the 1st phase of secondary studies. Some join Hauptschule which is less involving in terms of academics. Others join Realschule which is a bit involving in terms of academics and upon completion they can join gymnasium if they are to proceed to university or Gesamtschule for technical training and educational vocation. Such division or grouping favors all students of different academic levels. Students are therefore able to venture into different fields and professions as per their capabilities.

Another advantage of the system is that it involves parents and guardians in decision making on the future of their children since they can decide which 1stphase of secondary favors the student or child. This decision is based on pupil academic merit and parental preferences on whether to accept Hauptschule (average 1st phase secondary) or Realschule (above average 1st phase secondary). The choices made makes it easy for determination of the progress of the children in line with possible future field of specialization. These choices are also dependent on the parents’ financial status. This makes it easy to help bring up the child in a more responsible manner since they have a role to play. The close association promotes acquisition of skills at Berufschule level where basic skills in a specific field of work is attained.


Education is one of the basic tools that a person should be armed with in order to have a better and brighter future. Having a proper education system that is not only based on academics but also extra co-curriculum activities is vital. The German education system has continually been changing in order to suit all. The system of education in Germany thus helps in moldering a child of any academic ability to being a person of integrity and of significance. This system is popular worldwide since children have a chance to thrive. The categories of this education system in Germany thus enhance the two advantages highlighted.








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