Sample Essay on writing good corporate culture essay

Sample Essay on writing good corporate culture essay

Corporate culture refers to the shared meanings and values of an organization. It can also be defined as the organization’s personality. Simply put, it is the way a particular organization does things. However, the question that you might be asking is; how can one know the corporate culture of an organization and what is its importance? Corporate culture is both informal and formal.
You can learn about the corporate culture of an organization by listening, observing and interacting with its members. Understanding progression of career paths, reading stories about a company or even listening to what a company says about itself is important in studying its corporate culture.
Other aspects of a corporate culture include the leadership style, model of a company, its symbols and rituals as well as communication style between employees and stakeholders. Corporate culture defines jobs and responsibilities of employees as well as determining goals to be established and what a company achieves.
Most successful companies have adopted strategies that strengthen corporate cultures. The process of developing a strong corporate culture starts by hiring the right employees. A company should look for hard-working, strong and enthusiastic employees who believe in its mission. Such employees will help a company in its efforts to accomplish the set goals.

Intelligent, positive and dedicated personnel can enhance growth of a company. Good working environment and guidance from the management should also be incorporated in the corporate culture of a company. How staffs interact in an organization tell customers a lot. It also determines perceptions and attitudes that both internal and external publics form towards a company.
Corporate culture is largely determined by the visual aspect of a company. As such, a company’s management should communicate its culture to the employees clearly. Members of a company should know how to behave within and without the organization for it to develop the desired corporate culture.
Nevertheless, good corporate culture is vital for any company that wishes to achieve financial success, good reputation and stand strong in the community where it operates.

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