Sample Essay on Wine Industry Research Paper

Sample Essay on Wine Industry Research Paper

History of wine spans many years. It has a rich history that is closely entwined with the great history of agriculture. Wine was first cultivated in the Near East. By 15th century, wine production increased due to its higher demand and consumption. This has led to development of the wine industry. The wine industry began with settlers and was grown in plantation and has preserved over the years.
There are three key classifications of wine. We have Red, White and Blush wine. Table wine is the most popular type these days and it contains 7% to 14% alcohol. Wines sales have also been increasing tremendously. In fact, in 2014, the global wine industry is estimated to generate about $292 billion. However, the market is also characterized by intense division, as alcohol, firearms and tobacco are other products bring a lot of revenue globally. Other barriers include high cost of land and constructing manufacturing facilities.
There are several known wine producers globally and United States is the fourth largest producer as it is surpassed by France, Italy and Spain. Wine drinking is usually associated with intellectuals and wealthy community. Its social and cultural impacts have great influence in its consumptions. Media has been advertising wine as a part of day to day dining.
Political and legal impacts have also influenced the wine industry. In United States, California which is the largest producer and it has not only created jobs, but also generates a lot of revenue through taxes and other business licenses. Wine making process has been controlled through advanced technologies, hence high quality wines.

Wine industry as existed for many decades and it has continued to grow ever since. Wine industries or manufactures, need to utilize new technology advancing on daily basis to produce quality products. All the parties involved in the wine production and distribution industries also need to maintain good partnership, stabilize their prices and produce quality wines.

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