Sample Essay on TQM Research Paper

Sample Essay on TQM Research Paper

TQM Research Paper

These days, the business world has changed vastly. Each business organization or owner is advocating for great strategies on how to improve its operations and reach a larger market. TQM [Total Quality Management] is one of the criterions that many individuals or organizations are opting for to increase their clientele base. TQM is a tactical approach that helps an organization to easily gratify the needs and requirements of clients.
Management systems play great roles in growth of an organization. TQM consists of a mixture of ideas and has a rich history. It is a traditional way of doing business that has been theorist by many scholars. There are notable benefits of Total Quality Management that have been cited by many scholars. These benefits include employee participation, improved quality, teamwork, customer and employee satisfaction, increased productivity and great organizational communication and market share.
What many aspiring entrepreneurs need to know is that, TQM is not all about quality, but also focuses on many other process whether short, long or medium. With TQM skills in mind, you will also motivate employees, make profits and improve efficiency. Nevertheless, bear in mind that Total Quality Management as a useful tool can still be a failure. Therefore, make your choices wisely. Through proper planning and implementation, you can easily excel in your business management endeavors.

There are notable failures associated with TQM. For instance, many workers and managers do not have good understanding on how Total Quality Management principles work. Some governments force companies to implement TQM without any skills or formal training. In addition, some governments have failed to provide support in technology and many other resources.
Those who have employed TQM philosophy know the benefits to revel in. It offers a great way to increase employee creativity, reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction. It is a worthwhile investment and each company need to implement it. Companies that have implemented total quality management have been improving on yearly basis.
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