Sample Essay on Poor Organizational Communication

Sample Essay on Poor Organizational Communication

Communication is efficient especially if it plays a few key functions like motivating, controlling, decision making and emotional expression, and much more. Poor organization communication is the core cause of many problems that make it hard for many organizations to succeed. Hence, it is wise to understand the effects of poor organizational communication and the most appropriate solutions to embrace.
Poor organization communication is all about the affliction that causes a drain in the free flow of ideas, inventions, and staff cooperation and ultimately reduces or affects efficiency in an organization. Due to poor organizational communication, it is always hard for many personnel involved to understand the message. It also leads to non-ambiguous information that leads to confusion.
Many times, employees become hesitant to work and this leads to low productivity. Due to ineffective communication, employees argue or reject opinions and inputs presented by their managers. More grievances arise due to poor communication in a company or office. Additionally, employees also no longer take their responsibilities seriously and this affects the productivity of the company. Decreased innovation always leads to less positive contributions by the employees.
Indeed, there are many consequences of poor organizational communication. But then again, there are certain changes that an organization can make and overcome many woes. Essentially, there are great ways how to improve organizational communication. Firstly, every organization needs to implore feedback on the existing communication practices.

Secondly, it is wise to provide training to not only employees but also any other person holding a certain position in an organization. Gaining effective communication skills can work miracles. At last, it is wise to establish open communication from the bottom up and from the top down.
Poor organizational communication occurs due to a lack of good leadership, unclear duties and goals, lack of proper training, limited feedback, and much more. For these reasons, it is advisable for an organization regardless of its size to come up with great strategies on how to improve poor communication and overcome any obstacles experienced in running an organization.

Poor Organizational Communication

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