Sample Essay on Physical management

Sample Essay on Physical management

Physical Management Article Review

Getting Fit Without Pain by Kevin Helliker

Primarily, this article is concerned with the role physical therapists play in physical management. The inclination of the article is towards athletes aged 50 years and above. It postulates sportspeople aged 50 and over is known to frequently seek assistance from physical therapists whenever they have a physical problem. This is touted as being beneficial to athletes especially if they have undergone surgery. The trend is also identified among the elderly people who embark on the use of services offered by physical therapists before they are hurt. Physical therapists have as well filled the place of personal trainers who are identified as costly to elderly people (Helliker, 2010).
This article uses the experience of Joseph Goldberg, a 62-year-old man suffering from shin splints. His condition hinders his ability to participate in a marathon. He stated that whenever he ran for more than 8 miles, he would experience severe pain. The physical therapist diagnosed him with an imbalanced gait. She also recommended custom-made orthotics to be placed in his shoes. This made it possible for him not only to run but complete the marathon. This is just one case used to portray the role played by physical therapists and it shows their increased significance in the physical management of athletes above the age of 50. For example, custom-made orthotics placed in Goldberg’s shows made it possible for him to complete the marathon without experiencing shin pain.

Physical therapists are noted to have been trained highly in physical management in the course of their training careers. Physical therapists focused on sports medicine are also accorded high-quality training in the science of restoring, improving and preserving human functioning. A large percentage of physical therapists are also noted to have high qualifications with most of them being holders of a master’s degree. The article also highlights the fact that the professional encourages practitioners to acquire a doctorate degree. The move is seen as the precursor for the requirement of physical therapists to obtain a doctorate by 2020 (Helliker, 2010).

The article as well highlights the fact most of the physical therapists limit the delivery of their services to college and professional sports. This is an indication their health preservation skills have not been documented well in recreational athletes like elderly athletes who do not focus on competitive sport. This is attributed to verity that majority of the recreational athletes cannot offer physical therapists lucrative deals that can be compared to exorbitant fees that are paid by sports team that are professional.
The article however notes there is an increased involvement of physical therapists in physical management of different kinds of clientele. For example, the article highlights Ms Esparza’s experience who used services offered by a physical therapists to lose weight, lower her blood pressure and manager cholesterol levels. The article also highlighted the fact physical therapists are excellent at exercise barriers that can be beneficial to recreational athletes physical management. However, they can be expensive as well when compared to costs that are associated with personal trainer. Despite high costs associated with physical therapists, their services have risen in popularity and noted to have an impact that is positive on physical management of recreational athletes.

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