Sample Essay on Management by Walking Around (MBWA) Style

Sample Essay on Management by Walking Around (MBWA) Style

Management by Walking Around (MBWA) Style

Management by walking around (MBWA) style refers to a classic technique that proactive managers use to have things done. Most managers who use this style of management want to gather more information that they need to challenge situations that do not turn out to be bigger problems. According to advocates of this management style, listening to the concerns and suggestions of employees is very important because it helps in evading potential crises.

Managers benefit from management by walking around (MBWA) style because they get real-time and unfiltered information about policies and processes. This information is usually not involved in the formal communication channels. Managers get ideas on the moral level among employees by walking around. If they detect that there is trouble at the workplace, the managers can offer the necessary assistance.

Sample Essay on Management by Walking Around (MBWA) Style

A potential concern for managers who use this management style is that they can second-guess the decisions of employees. The manager has to maintain their role as a counselor and coach of the employee and not a director. Once a manager leaves employees to make decisions, they are assured that they will get a response within the least time possible.

Using this management style, managers are able to get a more accurate picture of the workplace. This is because the manager wanders around in a manager that is not structured. The manager performs a random check at the workplace. This enables them to know how things are done at the workplace, how employees relate as well as how the equipment functions. Usually, employees do not expect the manager who uses this leadership style to visit at systematic, scheduled, or pre-approved times. The manager performs a random sampling of employees’ discussions and events. Thus, they are likely to get more accurate information and a picture of how things are at the workplace.

Through management by walking around (MBWA) style, a company can increase approachability. Staff or junior employees see their managers as individuals who are not just their boss. This improves approachability making it easier for them to tell the managers what is going on in the company. Additionally, agreements are easy to make when a manager interacts with junior employees more often. Junior staff are also motivated because they see their managers on daily basis.

Generally, if implemented properly, management by walking around style can increase productivity. Ideas that come from junior employees can be incorporated in making decisions that will improve the overall productivity at the workplace and in the entire company.

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Sample Essay on Management by Walking Around (MBWA) Style

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