Sample Essay on Ethical Deliberation

Sample Essay on Ethical Deliberation

Ethical Deliberation

Making an ethical decision requires that one should deliberate on a number of factors. The results of the decision, the particular kind of a person that the decision is likely to make you to become, and the type of actions that are available to a person all impact ethical decision (University of Northern Colorado, 2007). However, it is important that one should be in a hurry to make ethical decisions since there is an ethical deliberation process which can act as a guide towards making ethical decisions.
Below is a list of the deliberation processes that this article will use in answering the two case studies:

  • Identification of the ethical issues that concern you
  • Identification of the available options for your ethical issue
  • Identification of any existing conflict of interest
  • Identification of the source of authority and any guidance that is provided by them
  • Consulting other people in order to acquire insight to your ethical concern
  • Examination of the possible consequences of the most likely actions
  • Determining the best action to take about your ethical situation
  • Reflecting on the reasons for coming up with the decision

The above steps will be useful in guiding an individual towards making an ethical decision.

The ethical issue that concerns me in this case is the choice of working on the project assigned to me by the supervisor. This project is based on the construction of the missile defense software, which I do not want. There are only two available options for me on this issue, which is either refusing to work on the assignment and destroy my hopes for career development, or working on it and getting a bonus and promotion. My supervisor says that the management is committed to helping me in building the software irrespective of my opinions. Based on consultations with my peers, turning down an assignment from my supervisor negatively impacts my career plans and might even see me being laid off. If I work on the project, I will be able to acquire financial stability to take care of my family which is growing and it will enable me to pay off my mortgage. However, this decision will be against my wishes and the guilt will ruin me. On the other hand, refusing to work on the project will clear my conscience even though it might lead me to losing my job.
After taking an ethical examination of the situation, I chose to work on the project and only consider its benefits. I will also try to act in consultation with others in order to see if we are able to reduce the negative impacts of the software. This will accord my conscience some rest. The decision is made selflessly since I am not only considering my personal welfare but also that of my wife and baby that is yet to be born. The ability to provide for my family will not be interfered with because I was not able to make the right ethical decision.
According to the patriot act, extraordinary surveillance power is granted to the state (Burney, 2013). This power was initially intended for use in spying on terrorists but a recent study showed that the FBI exercises this authority to spy on the lives of Americans who are not even linked to terrorism (Rosen, 2011). These measures contrast the beliefs of the American people on privacy. Their lives are spied on and the government uses the information that is obtained against their will. This act violates individual privacy and should be stopped. I think that the privacy interest of individuals should be reassessed with regards to the increased terror threats. However, this should be considered as a loophole for spying on civilians who have no links to terrorism.

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