Sample Essay on Drunk Driving – Help in Writing a Drunk Driving Essay

Sample Essay on Drunk Driving – Help in Writing a Drunk Driving Essay

Accidents that result from drunk driving have caused injuries and even death of drivers, passengers and bystanders. When an alcohol-intoxicated person decides to drive an automobile, they endanger the life of every road user. The question that everyone needs to ask is; how can drunk driving be prevented?
Almost 30 people die in motor vehicle accidents that involve drunk drivers in the US every day. In 2011, a CDC survey revealed that 4 million Americans admitted to having driven their automobile under the influence of alcohol. Driving under the influence of alcohol becomes offensive when it compromises motor and mental skills. Nevertheless, there are measures that can be taken to curb drunk driving.
Such measures include implementation of stricter measures. Making drunk driving a threat to drivers is one of the most effective ways of preventing drunk driving. For instance, stiff sentences like longer restrictions to driving, hefty fines and longer jail time can be meted on people caught driving while drunk.
Emerging technologies can also be used in preventing drunk driving. Such technologies include devices for ignition interlock that prevent drivers from driving if they have BAC that is more than 0.15 to 0.20 percent. Although these devices are yet to gain popularity, they can greatly help in preventing drunk driving.

Creating awareness among the public on the consequences of drunk driving can also help in its prevention. When individuals are informed about drunk driving and its consequences they will be able to make proper decision on whether to drive home or not after drinking.
Informed individuals know the number of drinks that make them intoxicated and therefore incapable of driving properly. People should also take care of their friends by ensuring that they do not drink and drive.
In a nutshell, preventing drunk driving is a collective responsibility that should not be left in the hands of law enforcement agencies only. When everyone drink and act responsibly drunk-driving and accidents that it causes will greatly be reduced.
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Sample Essay on Drunk Driving – Help in Writing a Drunk Driving Essay: Reference

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