Sample Essay on Critical thinking and decision making essay sample

Sample Essay on Critical thinking and decision making essay sample

Critical thinking is simply a way of deciding the validity of a statement; whether it is true, partially true or false. It is a mental process of analyzing and evaluating information to rich an answer or conclusion. Critical thinking is an important tool in decision making as it helps one to conclude or make wise decisions.
In academic writing, students require critical thinking skills to help them write perfect papers and draw strong conclusions. These skills include observation, interpretation, analysis, inference, explanation, evaluation, and metacognition. The above skills are important in various academic disciplines such as education, politics, science, business and the arts.
Academic writing is all about writing arguments, supporting them using valid evidence and drawing strong conclusions. Critical thinking skills help the students analyze information and evaluate it. Through critical thinking and decision making, students are able to compare, evaluate information and solve problems. They are also able to determine the causes and effects of things by use of the skills.
Critical thinking and decision making will also help you to know what your lecturer is looking for in your piece of writing. From this, you will be able to decide whether to write an explanatory, cause and effect, persuasive or a comparison paper. When writing, a student is able to provide valid evidence for all claims to make the work logical. This will also help him/her relate the information to the overall field of the study.

Critical thinking and decision making is procedural. First, recognize the problems and find workable means of solving them orderly. Research well to gather supporting information for your arguments. Interpret data an draw strong conclusions and offer possible solutions.
Source; Wikipedia
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