Sample Essay On Criminal Justice System

Sample Essay On Criminal Justice System

The Criminal Justice System (CJS) consists of legal facets that include investigative, pretrial, arrest, trial, sentence and correctional system with each step exhibiting its own functions. Every individual has a right to be innocent until proven guilty in a legal court and this solely depends on the criminal justice system that protects the rights and freedoms of the people.
The first stage in a legal system involves detectives or the law enforcers who investigate a crime to gather information required to investigate the events of crime. Protective measures issued by the judicial officer protect the police officer against harm during the investigative process.
After the arrest, the pretrial stage follows subsequently where the judge reads the charges to the accused and informs him of their rights. During the preliminary hearing, the judge seeks to know if there is sufficient evidence to set up a strong case against the accused. The judge also seeks to determine if the accused had a hand in crime.
The CJS involves administrative officers who play the role of implementing law enforcement. Interviewing several police officers reveals more information and most of them have different views and perspectives of the correct running of the CJS.

The general view of this law enforcer was to protect the sovereignty of the CJS against the influence of any powerful individuals.
The criminal justice system provides the correction measures that the people found guilty spend their time. These probation measures are effective but not to everyone since some of the accused get out repeating the same mistakes or even worse. More strict and punitive measures are in place to curb repetitive offenders and serve as a warning to others.
The criminal justice system should conduct its functions more effectively and smoothly to ensure justice to both the accused and the accusers. All the facets in the entire system should work together to promote the proper functioning of the criminal justice system without which there can be lawlessness in the world.

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