Sample Essay on Corporate Age Diversity

Sample Essay on Corporate Age Diversity

Age discrimination is very common in organizations and corporate environments. Following the decreasing value of pension, more people desire to continue working. Even after reaching old age, most individuals have financial obligations such as paying mortgage and students or child support.
On the other hand, younger people have fresh ideas, educational enlightenment, new abilities and technological knowledge. They are looking for opportunities that will allow them practice what they have learned in school.
To prevent age discrimination at the workplace, employers must consider strengths and weaknesses of all employees. The management should consider how mature and older members, as well as younger members of the organization, can contribute towards the growth of the organization.
The older players in the organization can instruct, nourish, mentor and guide the young players. This will eventually make the corporate network rich and ever-changing.
Young members can use their new skills in developing the organization. Their soft skills can be developed with the help of older members. They should be ready to learn from the older members.
Through cooperation between the older and younger members of an organization, discrimination on the basis of age can be avoided.
For an organization to utilize age diversity positively, all members need to understand each other. Older employees should take responsibility of mentoring younger employees in the organization.

Younger employees must be ready to listen to the older members. This way, young member will grow in wisdom and experience. They will also be able to use their energy and enthusiasm in developing the organization.
Thus, corporate success is attainable if all age groups are engaged in a continued learning, mentoring and training process. Communication, sharing and encouragement are vital in ensuring effective passage of company’s knowledge down the generation of the employees. Acceptance of the importance of age diversity is crucial for any company or organization that wants to achieve its goals.
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