Sample Essay on Chaotic Management Style

Sample Essay on Chaotic Management Style

Chaotic Management Style

Chaotic management style is a style is a management that gives employees control over the process of making decisions. This is a modern management style that has been adopted by some companies making them very innovative and influential. The mantle of any leadership is to create an environment where people are stimulated and motivated to deliver the best services or come up with the highest quality products.

Perhaps, the question that one might ask is, why then do some managers opt to create chaos instead of people to achieve this? According, to some managers believe that chaos is indeed healthy in motivating and driving success at the work place. These managers might be right.

In chaotic management style, the managers believe that diminishment should be used and mastered as a skill to keep employees in line. For instance, a manager can diminish the leadership tactics of an outgoing leader or manager. This way, the new manager can slowly introduce his or her own leadership style.

Sample Essay on Chaotic Management Style

A chaotic manager also has a habit of making judgments. A chaotic manager is in charge of making judgments in what is right and what is wrong regarding the next step. However, the manager is not in charge of making judgments on daily processes that other managers and executives use to accomplish different tasks. Effort and desire to micromanage every aspect of the production process is the reason why chaos exists. While one manager head in a particular direction another is headed a different one.

A chaotic manager also moves quickly to squelch ideas of others. The manger uses infamous word ‘but’ to contribute a point that will eventually create chaos. At the workplace, there are different people with varying ideas and opinions. Some people have weird ideas that they use to have something accomplished.

A chaotic leader will bring people in a meeting room and they shoot down ideas and step on ideas so that they can create confusion and then create dissention in the meeting so that people can take sides and eventually he will have his way. He uses differences among people to have things done the way he wants. Instead of allowing people to welcome what is said in the meeting and then make objective decisions, a chaotic manager comes to a meeting with a premeditated decision that he enforces on others.

Additionally, a chaotic manager or leader does not take responsibility for chaos at the workplace. Instead, they blame it on others. He also does not act as a role model for juniors. For instance, a chaotic manager will emphasize on staying at the workplace after the required hours neglecting their family responsibilities.

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