Sample Essay on Changing Perspective In Marketing Planning

Sample Essay on Changing Perspective In Marketing Planning
Changing Perspective In Marketing Planning

Perspective is a mental view or outlook on something or someone. Change of perspective is a way of altering the view of something and replacing it with another. Change of perspective is an important tool of problems solving in various sectors. Some of the problems can be financial, health, human resource and stuffing, technology, communication, education, or prioritization. The way one defines a problem is the key to solving it.
Marketing planning is a common area where changing perspectives are applied to improve the state of the business. It aims at maximizing the output and minimizing the input. Marketing extends from understanding what the consumer wants to ensuring they get it and are satisfied. This applies in several areas in the business.
The first one is the production concept which holds that consumers will prefer quality products that are highly available. Here, managers concentrate on achieving high production, low costs and mass distribution; assumption that consumers are interested in product availability and low prices.
The product concept assumes that consumers will hold those products of the highest quality and most innovative features. Businessmen focus on improving the quality of products and inventing new features over time to make them better.
The third orientation is a selling concept which assumes that consumers will not buy products highly if left alone unless promotional measures are taken.

Managers here focus on advertising the products to make them known to the public.
The marketing concept holds that the company should be more effective than other competing companies for them to achieve their goals. This can be done through creation, delivery, and communication to clients.
The societal market is the last concept. The managers concentrate on determining the needs of and interests or the targeted consumers. They, therefore, work on delivering the desired factions.
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• Formulating a thesis statement
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• Write and proofread
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Sample Essay on Changing Perspective In Marketing Planning: Reference

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