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Battle royal is a story about idealism where the narrator initiates from imaginative ideologies to reality in an effort to please the people who despise the inferior in status and race. This story involves a protagonist it is an archetypal initiation where he tries to find answers necessary to combat the vices in society.
Remembering the cultural journey he made twenty years back, the protagonist narrates his story trying to leave to his grandfather’s expectations. The African American narrator explains how he tries to live his grandfather’s dying dream in this initiation story. The protagonist as featured in “the invisible man”, “embarked towards maturity” (219), is an initiation story covering the facts in detail.
In “Battle Royal”, the narrator picks up fights with his fellow classmates and is seriously wounded to deliver a speech. The speech, which was quite important to him, earns him a scholarship and later trusting that his late grandfather would be proud of him. The narrator looks at his grandfathers picture with a smile on his face knowing that he had achieved.
He proves that he is the most important in this context of archetypal initiation by accomplishing narrating the speech and subsequently getting the scholarship. After this battle, the narrator still cannot decipher his grandfather’s dream and it dawns on him realizing that he has to break the York of the average black American.

Throughout the entire story, we realize that the narrator’s main aim was to give a breath taking speech that he constantly keeps thinking of. After the fight while blindfolded, the symbolic meaning strikes him to realize his innocence. This shows that he is blind to racism and other inhuman acts he must face.
His grandfather had initially told him to overcome his challenges and the narrator remembers this and deciphers what he actually meant. He now becomes an adult with the ability to decipher with accuracy what his grandfather was telling him before he died.
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