Sample Essay on Beloved Essay

Sample Essay on Beloved Essay

Beloved is one of the most highly acclaimed novels by Toni Morrison. It is from an inspiring story of African-American slave that helps Toni Morrison build a new character- Sethe. She is a strong woman who has gone through traumatizing experiences that also affect her present life.
The story unfolds, with Sethe’s home in 124 Bluestone Road, Cincinnati being troubled by a ghost believed to be that of her own daughter. The ghost haunts the family throwing objects around the room. Her youngest daughter Denver is shy and housebound. She has also lost two sons- Howard and Buglar who ran away from home at the age of 13 and her mother-in-law, Baby Suggs.
In another chapter, Paul D who also worked together with Sethe, her husband Halle and Baby Suggs at Sweet Home also arrives at 124. He tries to bring sense in the home and forces the ghostly spirit out. Unfortunately, they still encounter the ghostly woman who calls herself Beloved sitting in front of their house.
Paul D warns Sethe, but he’s later cornered and wowed by Beloved. Paul D tells Sethe about his encounter with Beloved and what plans they have. In the process, he reveals to Sethe on why she is being rejected by the community. Sethe opens up and narrates how her master wanted to enslave her and her children.

It is revealed that Sethe tried to save her children from slavery and the only solution was to kill them all. Unfortunately, it is her Beloved daughter who fells into the cruel hands of death. Sethe later realizes that, Beloved is her two year old daughter that she murdered. Denver notices her mother’s deteriorating health and all the problems they have encountered and seeks help to exorcise Beloved. Beloved later leaves 124 and disappears completely.
Sethe’s past is revealed. Her fear for white men is also well illustrated in the novel. Toni Morrison elaborates the impact of slavery to many black people and on mother-daughter relationship and that one’s past never dies.

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