Sample Essay on Article review

Sample Essay on Article review
A critical and professional review of Man’s search for Meaning
The introduction

In Man’s search for Meaning, the author tells an incredible and personal story of his life in prison during Holocaust. The author presents his argument, shares his analysis as a psychologist, a prisoner and a doctor.

The author Victor E. Frankl begins the story by stating the purpose of putting his life experience in writing. According to him, writing the paper is not to present any details of Holocaust. Instead, he provides a very personal and intriguing story. He offers a great personal account of his life and concentration in the camp.

Frankl states, ‘‘this tale is no concerned with any great honors which have been described in many occasions, but I will try to answer this question:
How was daily life in a concentration camp reflected in the mind of a prisoner?’’ He then describes the life of a prisoner in the camp and in the main stages. The story tells of the reaction of prisoners who are held captive in the camp.

In the first stage, a prisoner gets admission to the camp, in the second stage; the prisoner adopts into a specific routine within the facility and in the third stage, is a period of depersonalization where the prisoner has been liberated from prison or the camp.

As noted above, Frankl’s main purpose of writing the article or the book is to analyze and present the reactions of a prisoner in regards to everyday life in prison. The 3 stages of life in the camp reflect the experiences of a prisoner including apathy, shock, and depersonalization. The author bases his argument and analysis of the stages on reactions of inmates and his personal reactions as well as thoughts because he experienced life in prison.

The author continually uses different examples from his experience in the concentration facility to strengthen his argument and to illustrate his point of view.

Writing an article review essay

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Article review essay that follows a proper style

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Sample Essay on Article review: References

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