Sample Essay on Alice Walker Made Easier

Sample Essay on Alice Walker Made Easier

Alice walker is a controversial and most influential figure in the American literature of the twentieth century. She was born on 9th February 1944 in Georgia. At the age of eight years, Walker lost sight of her right eye while playing Indians and Cowboys with her brothers. This accident shaped most of her childhood as well as her adolescent experience.
Later at the age of fourteen, Walker underwent surgery when her brother encouraged her but she never recovered her vision in that eye. She also sustained a permanent facial disfigurement. However, this did not deter her from playing her role in society. She became a prolific writer who ventured into multiple genres.
Today, Alice is considered a famous African-American novelist, activist, essayist, short-story writer, and poet. Most of the literature that she has written is inspired by her adolescent and childhood experiences.

Walker describes herself as a prophetic voice that is concerned about the whole African-American community. She uses the term “womanist” to define herself. Womanist is a theology that tries to help African-American women to see and affirm their experiences. It also attempts to enhance confidence among women to realize the essence of their experiences.

Through her literature, Walker greatly influenced the oppressed African-American community. She used this theology to challenge the oppressive forces that hindered the struggle of black women in America. Walker encouraged women to rise up and struggle for their survival.
She played a significant role towards the development of a productive, positive and conducive living environment. Her writings are a reflection of her feelings towards sexual and racial issues and her take on political and social issues that affected the African-American struggle during her time.

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