Sample Essay on Agenda Setting Theory

Sample Essay on Agenda Setting Theory

The media is no doubt a very powerful tool. It is considered the eye of the society and has a great influence. Being a powerful communication tool, the agenda setting theory proposes that it is always in a better position to shape various opinions in order to create a moral society.

The media is always in a better position to set agenda for various issues including economic issues, social, science, politics, health and other issues that affect the society. Even though the press in many parts of the globe does not enjoy its freedom and cannot express certain issues as desired, the media is still in a better place to shape an opinion to the advantage of normal citizens.

Today, there are different forms of media that can be used to pass information within seconds. This means that the media can set an agenda and within hours, the public is highly informed. It is an effective tool that has been used to create awareness on different issues and addressing various issues that will be of interest to the public. What’s more, the media is always in a good position to air issues concerning politicians and other powerful people in the society.

The agenda setting theory is therefore considered to be highly relevant and helps members of the society and the community at large to understand what is going on around them. The theory also states that the media is an efficient tool that helps the public to make the most of its services to have certain issues addressed. The public can utilize different forms of media including television, radio, print media and the internet to press for certain agendas.

The theory also highlights the role of the media in various campaigns and its significant influence in educating the public.

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