Sample Essay on A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

Sample Essay on A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

Gabriel Garcia Marquez is the writer of the fictional story book- A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings. The tone of his writing is exceptional and you will undeniably fall in love with every scene. It makes you feel like you are there with all the characters involved. The story unfolds with crabs everywhere after great rainstorm for three days.

Pelayo and his wife Elisenda are worried about their sick puppy associating the sickness to the bad stench of the crabs. Pelayo opts to throw away the crabs in the nearby courtyard when he discovers a very old man with enormous wings lying in the mud.

To their surprise, the old man speaks in an incomprehensible language. Hence, they conclude that the old man may be a survivor from a foreign wrecked ship. Without hesitation, they dash for help and contact their neighbor. To their amusement, the woman reveals that the old man is just an angel

It does not last long until everyone in the community is aware of the strange creature held captive in Pelayo’s homestead. He watches over the old man all night and later transfers him to the chicken pen.

The local priest- Father Gonzaga visits Pelayo’s homestead to inquire more about the old man.

The priest immediately denounces the old man being an angel as he cannot fathom anything in Latin. More so, the old man also has many other earthly traits. Due to the large number of visitors trying to get a glimpse of the old man, Elisenda decides to charge them at a fee of 5 cents and she amasses tons of money through this trade. With time, visitors lose interest in the angel and a young lady who disobeyed their parents becomes the latest attraction.

Later in the story, the old man grows new feathers after winter and flies away. People need to know the results of prejudgment and should not take things for granted. Everything happens for a reason.

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