Sample Esasay On Dissabilities

Sample Esasay On Dissabilities

Disability refers to any physical or mental challenge a person can be involved in. as a matter of fact the physically disabled include the blind, crippled, deaf, or even persons with motor disabilities among others. A mental disability involves mental retardation such as the Down syndrome and cerebral palsy among other conditions.
The disabled people face many challenges arising from their conditions and this comes as a disadvantage to them. For example, an employer would consider a physically or mentally fit person over a disabled person because the later can turn out to be a liability to the company.
However, many are times the disabled people contributed immensely to organizations they relate with and the above fears are just unfounded. Many disabled people have told many success stories, how they made it to a level of becoming their own bosses thus it only takes hard work and determination.
It then becomes a folly to stick to the fact that only the physically able people have the positive impact in nation building. Unfortunately, many disabled people face harsh discrimination in many parts of the world. They then tend to feel rejected thus alienate themselves from society.

It is a high time that people should change their mindset and begin accepting the disabled people in society. Governing bodies should set measures to ensure that all disabled people have access to medication, education, sanitation, and employment opportunities among other benefits.

The government should put in measures to ensure there is enough awareness and campaigns aimed at educating the society on the need to accept and cherish the disabled. The younger society including children should be first on the list to be educated. Abolition of Schools for the disabled should be a priority to consider in integrating them with the society.
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