Sample Al Capone Essay

Sample Al Capone Essay

Some names inspire fear and curiosity when mentioned or you come across them online or in books. Al Capone- what a name! Born Alphonse Gabriel Capone, in January 17, 1899, Al Capone, was a widely recognized American gangster who led great cliques known as the ‘‘Capones’’.
He was born in New York to Italian Immigrants and he is known for running the city of Chicago with illegal activities. These gang activities included smuggling, prostitution, murder, bribery and bootlegging liquor to name but a few. Today, every person has a story to tell about Al Capone.
I have been wondering what made a young man from a rough and unprivileged neighborhood grow to become the most dreaded and one of richest persons in world. Al Capone was a genius when it came to street smartness. He had great street credibility.
Al Capone met his mentor and crime boss Johnny Torrio at Garfield Place who was known for brothel ventures and gambling. From there, he rose to high ranks and become Torrio main man and a business partner. At one point, Al Capone and Johnny Torrio organization went through crisis when a good deal went bad.
Johnny Torrio was injured in an attack by North Side Gang and he turned over his business to Capone and fled to Italy. Al Capone generated a lot of revenue from his gang activities. However, things turned worse when Capone ordered the 1929 Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre that took place at Lincoln Park, Chicago claiming 7 lives. After the incident investigations were conducted on Capone and his enterprises and in 1931, he was arraigned for tax evasion.

He was later paroled in 1939 and returned to his Florida home. His condition worsened due to syphilis infection he contacted in his youth. He died in 1947 from cardiac arrest. Indeed, no one is born a criminal. The environment you live in and people you encounter can ruin your humble and decent life. It is better to live an honest life than live at the fast lane and die young.
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