Research Paper on Crowd Management Plan

Research Paper on Crowd Management Plan

Events of varying attendance occur now and then and it is always challenging to control crowds. However, with an effective crowd management plan all can be well. This is a vital factor to consider as events are usually likely to become overcrowded depending on the venue and the number of people the space can hold. Crowd control or management is an effective strategy as it helps prevent outbreak of disorders and any possible unrest.
Developing the crowd management plan is a process that encompasses the operational planning and procedures that are embraced to handle the easing of movement in a crowded event. Most venues are large and have complicated spaces that make it hard to control crowds. However, for a well-designed crowd management plan to work, it is a requirement to embrace excellent teamwork, clear and comprehensible communication and great coordination between those organizing an event.
There are a few key responsibilities to take care of while designing your crowd management plan. In essence, you have to research the types of audiences that are expected to attend the event. Brilliantly collate information about health status and safety records of previous events that have occurred in the same venue. Thirdly, it is wise to coordinate with police and emergency services for better knowledge on crowd control. Conducting a risk assessment is another key thing to do and be prepared in case of overcrowding. Do not forget to inspect the venue and any safety arrangement set by the organizers.

Event management organizations need to come up with great crowd management plans. More so, there are great ways of overcoming overcrowding regardless of the size of a venue. For instance, it is wise to get sufficient number of experienced stewards. Making use of turnstiles is another great way of controlling the follow of spectators. Good barriers or gates for directing movements can also aid. Other measures to go for are signposting, utilizing audible public address systems and much more.
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