Management Essay Sample on Organizations

Management Essay Sample on Organizations

Management and Organizations

Self-assessment entails the identification of standards by students and their judgments on whether they have met these standards. In students, the process of self-assessment involves the evaluation of what constitutes good work in any particular situation. Reflection entails students processing their endeavors and understanding their progress in the activities that they do (Towndrow 36). In reflection, learners act based on experiences instead of second-hand feelings acquired from others.

In last year, I learned that when undertaking group activities in class, I used to take control of the entire process. This made other students feel overshadowed and made very little contribution to the group. My progress this year has been great since I have given all the group members the opportunity to participate. I have realized that practicing this has impacted an improvement in the group score.

According to my view, working closely with other people has helped me a lot. I have been able to learn that the more I collaborate with others on projects, the more I learn new important concepts. Different minds offer different information and once all are brought together, they result in success in a group (Towndrow 36). This year, I have tried to be open-minded and this has enabled me to learn so much from the group members and consequently, enhanced the performance of our group.

My current strength is the ability to deliver better performance with group members once we are assigned a task. I have learned how to motivate all the members of the group in order to achieve the best from every one of them. Besides, I have also been able to develop good communication skills. These skills have enabled me to participate actively in all the group activities and become a good listener. I have always listened to and respected the views of my colleagues in the group.

Management Essay Sample on Organizations

Leadership ability as a strength

Management Essay Sample on Organizations

Leadership ability is yet another strength that I have also been able to develop over time. I can now motivate and offer guidance to our group members in order to achieve our set goals. When given the responsibility of the group leader, I am able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of my group members. With this, I assign them tasks based on that without feeling intimidated. This is a necessary skill because I believe it will help me a lot in my place of work in the future.

Despite all these strengths, I have realized that I still need to improve in some areas. I should be a quick thinker and develop critical skills. This will help me in fixing problems and making decisions that are critical in my group. Time management is also a heavy burden on me since I waste a lot of time deliberating on small issues in our group. This takes so much of our time and we eventually have to hurry in order to meet the set deadlines.

Professionalism refers to the conduct and qualities that are exhibited by a professional individual. A profession is a vocation that requires special knowledge obtained through a long and elaborate academic study. Most professionals are guided by well-formulated codes of conduct by their professional bodies (Marshall 37). My degree program can contribute to my professional development. This can be attained by acquiring the following professional attributes.

These attributes include specialized knowledge which requires professionals to dedicate a lot of commitment to developing their skills. Most professionals have acquired certifications to prove the basis of knowledge. However, not all professionals had the perfect qualifications in their fields of specialization. Instead, they master the knowledge required for success in those areas and keep it up to date. The other attribute is competency, meaning that professionals are reliable people since they make sure the work is done in time. This attribute prevents professionals from giving excuses for work not done since they should always find a way out.

Management Essay Sample on Organizations

Professionals views

Management Essay Sample on Organizations

Professionals are held accountable for their views, thoughts or deeds whenever they make a mistake in their job. This accountability attribute mostly depends on the level of honesty and integrity of the professional. In any field, professionals should portray qualities of honesty and integrity in order to gain the trust of their clients. They are entitled to keep their values under all circumstances in risky situations. Professionals accept their mistakes and request for chances to make corrections without fear.

Professionals handle their clients diligently even when they are offended in order to calm the situation. They show high levels of emotional intelligence by accommodating the feelings of their colleagues. For example in the service sector, employees should not be upset by customer behavior instead; they need to settle the manner in a harmonious way.

Management Essay Sample on Organizations

Finally, professionals portray a mice image in their place of duty through their dress codes and general smartness. This boosts their level of confidence and enables them to gain a high reputation in the minds of clients.

Values are of great importance to every organization. Values are stated in the vision of organizations as core values. These core values give a reflection of the personal values of the individuals in that organization. The first value is integrity which means adherence to the strict ethical code of conduct, honesty, and corruption-free. My personal integrity in my career will be very necessary since having this value delivers great results. In my management portfolio bestowed on me, I should discharge my duties to the fullest for the satisfaction of customers.

The other key value is teamwork. This entails working together as a team in order to attain a common goal. As discussed at the start of the essay, collaboration in group work is not only necessary in students but also management (Hands 46). Proper coordination and teamwork in any organization increase production and profitability. Besides, it also ensures a better way for solving problems. Teamwork will impact effective use of resources in an organization because there will be a lot of sharing of the common resources among the members.

The value of professionalism in a company is important since it stipulates the qualities, conduct and aims of a profession. In my future career, I should be able to undertake my duties as a professional in order to gain trust among my customers. Being a professional ensures that you are honest and accountable for any mistake in your line of operation (Hands 38). To acquire specialized knowledge which professionals should possess, I am supposed to work hard towards learning the required skills. Besides, I should also remain updated on the emerging issues in my profession. This will enhance my competency and ensure that I am ready to delivers services to clients without making excuses.

Personal beliefs are assumptions taken to be true by an individual based on a particular practice or concept in a company. In my career, I should respect the views, rights and dignity of my colleagues. This helps every individual in the organization in developing self-esteem and utilizing his abilities to the fullest (Hamel 36). This belief will help me in offering a fair hearing and settling of duties that may come up without being biased.

There is a belief in management about customer service, which requires me to offer quality services to customers. I should be well informed on the needs of customers and assist them in making maximum use of the available products and services. Finally, there is also the belief in the impact of the management structure on the employees. Managers should make sure that they provide directives that enhance the morale of employees in order to perform to their best abilities possible (Chelladurai 32).

Managers are required to have smart decision-making skills to help in managing their organizations well through worthy decisions. Decision making is necessary since all the decisions made have an impact on the organization in a different way. Thus, managers should have the ability of dealing with various kinds of information. Good decisions will enhance the rate of production as well as the profitability levels of the organization (Hamel 42). Managers should be fast thinkers since they will be involved in the solution of critical problems and making tough decisions.

Every manager must have the management skills for managing and motivating the other employees effectively. There are three goals that I have set relating to management skills to assist in improving my academics and employability. The first one is to develop good communication skills which will enable me to explain my views in group discussions or in academic writing. In my career, this will assist me in delivering better performance in job interviews since employers are in search of a candidate who can communicate well (Honey 26).

The second goal will be effective time management in all my activities. This skill will help me in creating more time for studies and avoiding unnecessary waste of time. As a student, proper time management will ensure that I am able to submit my assignments in good time and consequently, perform well. The last goal in management skills is leadership. As a student leader, I will be able to mobilize fellow students and guide them toward attaining academic excellence. On my employability, many organizations will be interested to hire my services as a team leader.

Learning creates the chance for learners to continuously grow their knowledge capacities. Every individual has his own style of learning which vary based on situations. My style of learning is the social style where I prefer to learn in groups (Honey 37). This style has helped me in becoming an effective learner since I am able to collect lots of information from my group members in class. Collaboration in group activities has boosted my performance since I am seeking clarification from colleagues where necessary.

Through the interaction with other learners, I have been able to understand that many learners prefer the solidarity style. This is whereby learners prefer using self study. This knowledge has helped in boosting my management effectiveness to great value. I have the chance of using my leadership skills in convincing my colleagues to adopt my style since it is easier and convenient. My conceptual skills also assist me in viewing the entire learning concept in the dimensions of the future benefits.

Career development entails the process of managing studies, work and leisure in order to achieve personal goals in life. I have set several goals to help me in my career development. Team work is critical in career development since for any activity to be successful in all organizations, all the employees have to work as a team. Team work will enable me to perform well in both college and work place.

The goal of being caring is important in my career development. It will make sure that I am sensitive to the needs of my colleagues and even my customers at work. This will reward me a high reputation and trust among all the people I come across. I will also ensure that I make contributions at discussions both at school and work. These will in return, perfect my communication skills as well as equip me with more information from the people I talk to (Connor 28).

On the evaluation of my professional development goals, I can confidently say that I have been successful in most of them. In the case of team work, I have been able to successfully take part in a university social activity of maintaining the university environment conducive. This activity was carried out during the world environmental day of last year. The activity was conducted by a team of fifty students and I was given the responsibility of mobilizing the team. Having led a team, I feel that I have accomplished my set goal of organizational teamwork.

The other goal that I had set is to contribute to group discussions. This goal was set with the aim of improving my academic performance. I set the goal after realizing that the social style of learning was best for me so I had to take part in group discussions. This has significantly elevated my performance as evident in my performance on the most recent assignments that we had. This gives me some assurance of doing much better in the term paper at the end of the semester. Discussion with colleagues is also perfecting my communication skills (Haggerty 34).

In my period of internship with one of the financial firms in town, I had the opportunity of attaining some goals. My accountability skills were well tested since I had to consider different kinds of information to make decisions. I occasionally made mistakes and was not afraid to ask for help from my superiors. I realized that accountability and competence in management is critical (Haggerty 28). The exposure challenged me to learn more about my profession in order to avoid problems when it comes to making professional decisions.

The other goal to be evaluated is leadership skills. As a leader, you should guide and motivate other group members towards the achievement of a common goal. I have examined my level of leadership as evident in a group I chaired in our class. I was assigned the role of coordinating a group of ten members in the discussion of a group work assignment. I used all the qualities of a resourceful leader and gave all the members equal opportunities in sharing their views. Through my mobilization and guidance, our group managed to score the highest mark in the class. This convinced me beyond reasonable doubt about my proficiency in leadership. Through all these evaluations, I have realized that I have attained almost all the set professional developmental goals.

In conclusion, management in any organization is very important since it sets way for success. My fellow students should apply the concepts outlined in this easy to enhance their academic performance. Students should set their goals and work towards meeting them in the future. Besides, they should also conduct some evaluation at the end of the year to find out if they have attained them. What I have discussed in this essay is also important to graduates since they are able to learn the skills that are on demand by employers. For the sake of new employees, these concepts are critical since they will generally increase the chances of promotion and career development.

Management Essay Sample on Organizations

Management Essay Sample on Organizations: References

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Management Essay Sample on Organizations