Ethical Dilemma Essay Sample

Ethical Dilemma Essay Sample

Have you ever been stuck on which side to go or which choice to make? I have! I am a social media expert and I have great access on delicate issues affecting the society. As I was going through my daily blogging and socializing routine, I realized that one of my clients’ fiancée has been having an affair on the social networks.

What made the situation worse is that, they were set to marry in two months’ time. I have been wondering whether to break the news to my friend or not. Indeed, at such situation, I did not want conflict of interest to come into my mind. I understood the repercussions and as a communicator, I did not want to ruin my friendship and spoil my friend’s plans.

I decided to sit on it for sometimes and come up with great resolutions. Finally, I only came up with three key resolutions to tackle the situation. My first resolution was not to utter a word on the situation at all. I will pretend that I never knew or know anything about the affair.

I kept convincing myself that, after their marriage they can decide on the best direction to take. The second resolution was to reveal the entire escapades of my friend’s wife-to-be. But how will he react. I thought. He is a social drinker, so why don’t I just invite him and break the news after a few drinks. Alternatively, I can write an unspecified letter to my friend and break the news.

My last resolution was to face my friend’s fiancée and threaten to break the news to her husband-to-be. Hence, I will put her in a difficult situation. May be she will revenge in future, but the damage will be already done.

Indeed, I opted for last resolution as I will still maintain my good reputation as a social media practitioner. More so, a marriage is a serious thing and it should not be built on a lie. I managed to counsel my friend’s fiancée and she made her best decision in life.

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