Essay Sample on Macbeth and Wuthering

Essay Sample on Macbeth and Wuthering

An ardent fan of books Macbeth and Wuthering Heights will undeniably feel comfortable and competent writing or be explaining more on the two characters. It is a great story that revolves on love, power, retaliation and making right decisions.  You will agree with me that, this is a great story to tell.

Fans of these two characters – Macbeth and Wuthering have varying opinions on who was the protagonist or villain of the entire story. It all begins with Macbeth becoming rogue and contemplates to kill his friend Duncan. A tough decision that he had no time to think about and do what is best for him and his marriage.

Macbeth is in conflict with his mind trying to figure out where to start. Unfortunately, he is forced by his wife Lady Macbeth to do so or else she will leave him. Deceived by his unending love and affection for his wife, Macbeth heeds the words of his wife and agrees to kill Duncan. Indeed, it is a tough decision to make as he is forced to pick between his friend and his beloved wife.

When it comes to Wuthering, she has conflict with her mind wondering who to marry between Edgar and Heathcliff. However, she is attracted to Edgar a well-known man to gratify her desire for power and money. Dissatisfied by her decision, Heathcliff disappears for three years due to the disheartening rejection for being underprivileged.  Evidently, the theme of power and superiority is displayed in both scenes.

In another scene, Macbeth is lamenting for his actions and constantly seeks advice from his wife. He is fighting with his conscience. At the moor, the theme of unending love is properly displayed. In this scene, Wuthering lies between the moor of Edgar and Heathcliff. Hence, she has betrayed her husband’s trust by holding her friendship with Heathcliff. It is depicted that she still loved and cherished both men.

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