Essay Sample on Invention of Airplanes

Essay Sample on Invention of Airplanes

Invention of Airplanes

The invention of airplanes is one of the most captivating innovations ever made by human beings. Before its invention, people could take months, or even years to reach different destinations. Today, a commercial plane can carry hundreds of people across continents within a very short period of time. Airplanes have facilitated business activities, health facilities, and security, besides the creation of jobs in airports and airplane manufacturing plants. The airplane has changed people’s lives both directly and indirectly. Life has changed since the invention of airplanes since traveling has become easier, employment opportunities have been created, and international trade made efficient, and security-enhanced.

Essay Sample on Invention of Airplanes: Life before Airplanes

Before air transport was discovered, it was quite difficult to send mail across countries in a single day. In countries with large geographical coverage, it would take several days to traverse the country. Traveling by car was extremely tiresome, dangerous, and time-consuming. Where the road network was not good, it would take several days for a car to arrive at its destination. Mechanical hitches could come up, in addition to the dangers of being eaten by wild animals. Working in a foreign land was like changing the nationality of an individual, as traveling back home was quite expensive and took so much time.

The only available means of transport across countries were trains and ships. Wealthy people could afford automobiles or horse-carts for traveling within the borders of their countries. Traveling across continents was extremely costly and took quite a long time because it was very slow. A train could move across country borders, but could not travel across oceans to other continents. The movement of goods across the country would take weeks with perishable products not being able to travel through the railway. Thus, perishables were only traded within a few kilometers from the points of production.

It was quite challenging for patients to gain access to the best doctors at the right time. In times of emergencies, patients were not assured of their survival. Many people lost their lives since there was no proper communication between domestic doctors and international doctors. Hence, patients relied on the advice of domestic doctors because they had no access to foreign countries for further medication.

Essay Sample on Invention of Airplanes
Benefits of Airplane Invention

Life has really changed since the invention of airplanes. People are able to travel for leisure from one patient to another, within or across the borders of their countries. Some people claim that the world has become small since the development of air transport. While this assessment is untrue, it is quite right to say that traveling around the world has been made much easier than it was before the invention of airplanes. Air transport is the fastest and most comfortable of all the three modes of transport we have today. For instance, a passenger can travel from New York in the USA to Beijing, China in about 14 hours. A ship takes 11 days to transport goods from China to the United States.

Due to the speed of airplanes, they have been able to save the lives of many people, thereby improving their health. Flying doctors are usually called on emergencies to transport sick people from areas where they cannot gain access to better medical care to hospitals with enhanced facilities.

Victims of accidents are usually airlifted to hospitals using airplanes. Victims of war are relocated to safety and health through the use of planes. Therefore, airplanes have changed people’s health, irrespective of their location. Security within the country, as well as international arena, has grown with the invention of airplanes. Aircraft are used for inspection of borders, and detection of enemy hideouts.

The global economy has significantly changed as a result of the invention of airplanes. Air travel has shortened the time that goods take to arrive at their destinations. Perishable goods like flowers, milk, fruits and vegetables can be traded far away from the areas of production, thereby enhancing both domestic and international trade. Many people have secured jobs in airports, and also airplane assembly plants. Commercial planes have enhanced education and cultural understanding since students from various countries travel through air to seek the best institutions across the world. Business people travel to attend meetings aimed at expanding knowledge in international trade, and are able to pass on the knowledge to many others within a short duration of time.

Airplanes have also changed global politics by enhancing the signing of peace deals. Before the invention of airplanes, countries were not much involved in solving political conflicts due to the distances involved, and time that could be needed to bring the leaders together in one place. Today, political disparities can be solved in one day. For instance, top diplomats from Germany, France and Poland gathered to meet the Ukrainian president for one day to seek for a solution to recent cases of violence across the country. Airplanes have proven that world peace is a possibility if leaders have the willpower to take part in peace talks.

Every invention that has benefits also has its demerits. During World War II, airplanes were used for carrying explosives from various European cities to the war zones. Military personnel from different countries used aircrafts to carry out aerial attacks and destroy property. The devastation that took place in Hiroshima and Nagasaki could have been less severe if airplanes were not used in the operation. Destruction of property led to the loss of income for the Japanese people while many of them were left with injuries. The effect of that destruction which occurred in 1945 is still felt to date.

Essay Sample on Invention of Airplanes: Conclusion

Invention and innovation of airplanes impacted numerous changes in the lives of human beings, especially in the transport sector. A journey that could take two weeks only took hours using a plane. Movement across oceans took several months, using the ship or boats. Even though people still took part in long-distance trade, it was quite costly to export and deliver goods to foreign markets. Airplanes have improved the delivery of goods to the market, thereby enhancing foreign trade. Traveling to foreign nations has been made easier and more comfortable unlike before the invention of aircrafts. Thus, the airplane invention has created a great impact on the lives of humans.

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