Essay Sample on Globalization

Essay Sample on Globalization

Essay Sample on Globalization: Question 1

Flag is among the most popular symbols in America. It comprises of 13 white and red stripes and a 50-starrred rectangle that is blue in color at the top corner on the left side. The red color of the flag is a symbol of valor. The white color symbolizes purity and innocence. The blue color on the flag is a symbol of vigilance and justice. The stars are symbols of the country’s divine goal which is to reach the heavens. The media uses the flag to represent identity especially during international and national affairs. This flag is also associated with the pride of America because it signifies America’s character and foundation in a print. There is also a bald eagle. This symbolizes the America’s freedom, vigor, immortality and courage. A rose flower symbolizes the National Floral Emblem of America.

In America, national anthem acts as a national symbol. These symbols are used by the Americans in signifying the feeling of patriotism and identity. Throughout my life, I have not seen changes in these symbols. Nevertheless, there has been a change in their significance. For instance, while growing up I thought that these symbols were routine figures. I learnt and memorized our national anthem without comprehending the role that it played as an identity symbol. Later, I learnt that these symbols were associated with America. Now, I know their specific history and significance. To nation states and individuals, national identity is very important since it defines our legacy and purpose. Usually, flags are used by individuals during the national events in identifying with their mother countries. Nevertheless, this can be limiting because it causes discrimination among people because it gives people excessive pride and superiority.

Essay Sample on Globalization: Question 2

The worldwide business conduct principles are similar to the values of individual businesses. This is due to the fact that the world comprises of individuals with different values who form a business. To me, integrity is an important value in global business because it ensures that people get quality services while conducting business in different countries. This establishes a great relationship among suppliers, manufacturers, consumers and distributors. Another important business value when it comes to trans-national realm is accountability. Because of this value, stakeholders act responsibly. As such, it encourages responsible behavior among individuals as well as maintenance of high service delivery standards.

As another value, transparency enhances the competitive advantage of an entity in business. Through transparency, credibility is enhanced and consumers are convinced about the quality of a product. Additionally, consumers are informed about the services that they pay for. Thus, they are able to make decisions from an informed viewpoint.

It is impossible to overemphasize the important role that is played by efficiency in the trans-national business sector. It is possible to see this role in the quantity and quality of the offered services. It also improves professionalism and this makes maintaining a competitive edge easy for individuals in a business. Another virtue that is mandatory for players is collaboration. This makes conducting business harmoniously possible and this enhances globalization. This is important because different strategies are required by different cultures and natives of a culture can implement such strategies better. Due to commitment, striving in business becomes possible because there are many obstacles that must be overcome to succeed in a certain field. Finally, respecting other people as well as their culture act as a vital value and this guides a business across the national borders.

Essay Sample on Globalization: Question 3

There is a two-way effect of globalization on identity. If it causes cultural diversity’s appreciation while doing business, its effect can be positive. This happens when there is professionalism in conducting cross-borders business. Extensive import and export of goods promotes the production of unique materials by individuals and this reflects cultural values. As such, national identity is enhanced because individuals are identified by their products. Additionally, remote areas are opened up by globalization and this enhances identity. This opening up also increases the knowledge of other ethnicities. Eventually, people embrace cultural diversities. Cooperating and collaborating with other people is important while conducting business. Understanding and appreciating their culture is also important.  This encourages people to intermingle as well as to respect the foundation and history of the other groups. In international business, individuals can sell their ideas and this reflects their identity. As such, the national and individual identity is shaped by globalization in varied ways.

There can also be negative effects of globalization including increased racial conflicts. Tensions that emerge between nations that participate in business across their boarders can cause these conflicts. Negotiations between entities are made difficult by conflicting global views because the entities are unable to agree or understand one another over certain issues. Additionally, globalization can cause supremacy wars. The nations can compete with each other over quantity and quality of their services and products. This competition can undermine nations’ identity when they are seen as inferior. On the other hand, the identity of the countries that are seen as superior will be upheld. Thus, increased awareness increases the contact that nations have and competition is also increased in terms of the conflicting countries’ values.

Globalization effect on identities can cause cultural changes. Awareness and accessibility of various cultures globally is increased by globalization. Nations can adopt the desirable practices of a culture of another nation and this causes changes in its culture. For example, several countries have been westernized after adopting western cultures. This indicates the superiority of western values globally. The world has become a global village due to the fact that similar products such as the media sources and electronics are used by consumers. Individuals’ identities have also changed because people tend to associate with specific social classes via their possessions. Cultures are changed in different ways by access to different, new products. For instance, the way people communicate is changed by their electronic gadgets’ access. Accessing machines can change a country’s agricultural culture because machines replace human labor because of industrialization.

Essay Sample on Globalization: Question 4

Local issues and global issues are concepts with a close interconnection. Due to globalization, the world is accessible. Globalization has made the world a village. This explains the way these realms relate. The aim of several global organizations is to control global issues via local perspectives. It is possible to see this approach from different fields including environmental sustainability, military, health, economics and food security. Such organizations include the World Health Organization, United Nations as well as the International Monetary Fund. The world is affected in different ways by local states in these areas. For instance, all nations are threatened by a deadly illness’ outbreak such as bird flu’s outbreak. Local government’s insecurity affects global security because war can affect or spread to other countries. Nevertheless, economy is the major interconnection between the local governments.

Values of the currencies of different countries connect the world. Different currencies’ values are determined by the daily stock exchange activities and this impact on the commodities’ prices in different countries. Oil is one of the commodities that can cause global effects. Most countries get energy from crude oil. Nevertheless, this vital natural resource is not available in most countries. Reliance on the countries that produce oil means that cost fluctuation and oil availability depends on such countries’ security. Most countries that produce oil are found in the middle-east where there are wars. This causes frequent oil price fluctuations. Due to these fluctuations, oil becomes scarce and the costs of public transport and gasoline increase. This is also reflected by the commodities’ value in countries that rely on the oil from these nations. Thus, global events can be affected by local events.

Oil trends form part of local awareness and consciousness due to the necessity of this commodity. Most nations rely on oil even when facing environmental sustainability issues. The other trends include sports which people can extensively talk about but still not change their practices significantly. Nevertheless, there are social media trends that have changed local people greatly by improving communication. Many people use the services of the social media in their communication regardless of where they are situated. Global events can also affect the local events. This is why inter-relationship is important between trends. For example, local events are affected by the world organization statutes such as those of the World Health Organization. The WHO for instance makes controlling infectious diseases from spreading globally its responsibility. This ensures that local nations are not affected by these diseases.

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Essay Sample on Globalization