Essay Sample on Emerging Technologies

Essay Sample on Emerging Technologies

Essay Sample on Emerging Technologies: The risk of not sharing knowledge with others

Employees at IVK work independently. This has contributed to numerous issues within the organization. Some employees, even after they are fired from the organization continue to access the company resources. The lowest moment in the company arose when its system was hacked. When employees like Cho and Ivan were no longer loyal, it caused a delay in the Alpha 3 project. This proved to be a major threat for the organization as competitors had their eyes on it. The plan of succession in the company was complicated as a result of not sharing knowledge. Ivan, according to Gordon was a talented employee whose productivity was 10 times of others. She confesses it was very hard to replace Ivan and that the company had to find ways of returning him back to the organization. Failing to share knowledge in the company resulted in a poor internal mobility program. Some of the top talents in the company left since they failed to see a career path. The turnover as well as costly since it delayed the development of projects.

So as to address the concern of lack of sharing knowledge with others in an organization, it is a necessity to introduce a system of performance management. The system allows a company to set its objectives clearly as well as monitor them. Activity metrics as well can be tracked. It can identify specific areas of shortage to performance targets. The organization must attempt to improve its capability in line management. This can be achieved through the managers being equipped with corporate goals as well as aligning them with projects aligning their area of interest. Additionally, it is crucial to proactively engage talent mobility within the organization. The company is supposed to introduce a plan of succession that can enhance the progression of career. What is more, the issue can be addressed by adopting a strong internal mobility program. The program as well increases retention. This helps improve efficiency and leads to success.

Essay Sample on Emerging Technologies: Problems at IVK

Change control in IT systems is an official process used in making sure that change to a system/product is set up in a manner that is controlled and harmonized. The main issue that IVK change control system faces are emerging technologies, runway projects, talent management and costs. Talented workers like Cho and Ivan spend little time in the company. The company cannot manage talent within the organization maximally. Ivan spends a lot of time attempting to discredit the patenting of software rights. Cho uses his time playing jazz. Such actions do not benefit the company. There is a small amount of money available to facilitate the process of change. Lack of proper communication delays launch of projects within the organization. Effective change of control systems must make sure there is procedures stability and well versed decision making by individuals who are competent. Further, it is supposed to ensure there is traceability of the change process. For IVK to improve its control system, it must introduce quality risk management. This is used for purposes of evaluating the changes proposed for the organization.

For effective control system, the level of formality and effort must be proportionate to level of risk. What is more, the changes proposed need to be appraised relative to marketing approval. The team of experts with proper expertise and knowledge must evaluate the changes proposed in the organizational system. Additionally, the evaluation of change management needs to be done once the implementation comes to an end as it confirms whether the change objectives have been achieved. Effective change control must therefore facilitate continual improvement and the major enablers are quality management and knowledge.

Essay Sample on Emerging Technologies: Maturity of the IVK I.T System

Assessment of the IT processes in an organization is crucial since it helps to evaluate where the organization is as well as where it is headed. There are a couple of IT organizations that use Capability Maturity Model. This describes the evolution of software development processes. The Model comprises of 6 levels. 0 indicates none, 1-initial, 2-under development, 3-defined, 4-managed and 5-measured. The maturity, when Jim Barton took over the IVK I.T system was 1. Processes in the organization as well were localized. Very few IT Architecture processes as well were defined. What is more, there was no unified architecture processes across business procedures within the organization. The organization’s success was dependent on mostly efforts from individual employees. NetiFects was awarded the tender to manage IT infrastructure but it lacked adequate management interest in the process. Additionally, they lacked explicit governance of architectural standards. After taking over, Barton cancelled the contrast due to poor performance. He sanctioned IVK cross disciplinary group so it could work on back-office systems. They worked effectively. He was able to raise the Capability Model to 3. The architecture thus became well defined. Communication with IT staff and business management was improve as well. IVK I.T system has a Technical Reference Model that is fully developed. Additionally, it has a standard profile. IT goals within the organization are identified clearly. The senior management as well has become aware of organizational architecture process. The organization as well is in the position to take into consideration cost-benefits while identifying projects.

Essay Sample on Emerging Technologies: References

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