Essay on Baby Boomers Health Issues

Essay on Baby Boomers Health Issues

Health issues are widespread all over the world and have always been sensitive and debatable issues for many years. A good example is during the Baby Boomer years. This is a generation of men and women born between the years 1946 and 1964. It is a generation that came into existence during the Second World War. These individuals have had a great influence on the health sector and the economy in general.

After the world war, there were increased birth rates that lead to the development of the Baby Boom Generation. In fact, it amounted to about 76 million children. The absolute size of the Baby Boom generation had a vast impact on the global economy. In fact, many scholars and researchers have been studying the state of health care in relation to Baby Boomers.

Laws have been made to repair health care issues or policies in many parts of the world. Forums on how to improve health care have been put into place not only to help Baby Boomers but also any other person in need of help. Health bills on how to control the effect of Baby Boomers on the economy have also been enacted.

Evidently, governmental institutions have imposed superior laws on health insurers’ premiums and practices. Hence, health practitioners do not misuse or exploit health funds. Health issues of this generation were also improved through lower payments for treatments and clinical admission.

Social care was also improved through the great clinical delivery framework of patient-based services. The number of nursing practitioners also increased due to the Baby Boomer Generation though they may decrease in some states and in coming years.

Every country needs to invest in healthy aging to achieve low disability rates. We also need to create practical financial systems for lasting health care and affordable community healthy delivery services. Moreover, each county needs to change any retrogressive family culture.

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