CourseWorks Assignment Writing Sample on Apples Innovation

CourseWorks Assignment Writing Sample on Apples Innovation

Apples Innovation

Apple Inc. is a company that designs, manufactures and markets mobile communication devices, ideal digital music players and PCs. The company is additionally engaged in selling a wide range of related software products. Its mission, values and vision are very essential based on the fact that they play a crucial role in enhancing its success in the industry.


The vision of Apple, Inc. is to ensure the best personal computing practices to tutors, consumers, students and creative experts across the globe through inventive hardware, software and internet contribution.


The mission of Apple, Inc. Company as stated in its website is to design the most ideal personal computers in the world alongside iLife, iWork and OSX and professional software. Apple, Inc. is also a digital company that tops the revolution of digital music via its present iPods design in online store. It has transformed the mobile phone industry with its amazing revolutionary Appstore and is presently defining the best and largest mobile media expectations and other devices using iPad.


Apple, Inc. Company has personal values guiding the company towards a great future. The values include

  1. We trust that our teams have the responsibility to make great products.
  2. We trust in the uncomplicated, not the intricate.
  • We have a strong belief that we ought to control and own primary technologies behind all the devices that we develop.
  1. Our involvement is only in the markets where we can bring an important impact.
  2. We say no to numerous tasks so that we may put all our focus on the small number that is significantly of great importance to us.
  3. We believe in majoring in teamwork of our many groups that facilitate us to invent in such a way that all the others cannot.

We also settle for nothing less but quality in each company group and have self-honesty value to confess when we are wrong. In the event of such, we have the courage to change.

The company was previously known as Apple Computer but it got rid of the world computer in an effort to reflect on the purpose of the organization towards digital distribution and consumer electronics back in 2007. Apple, Inc. is now a computer software, digital and electronics distributor company.

CourseWorks Assignment Writing Sample on Apples Innovation

CourseWorks Assignment Writing Sample on Apples Innovation: Apple, Inc. Innovation

Innovation is mainly classified as a significant national prosperity and competitiveness aspect. It is advanced through different policy initiatives in different countries. Today, innovation is carried out within states and it goes past national limits through global innovation networks. These may include local and regional participants from different countries and corporation branches that are multinational.

Innovation when structured in such networks, there is always no clear indication of the way in which economic achievements are allocated among the involved companies and countries. The achievements can be evaluated at various scrutiny levels of the product to the organization in the state. The achievements can also be assessed through different ways including added financial value, wages, jobs and flow of trade (Bouchard, 2013).

This document therefore proposes on an innovation feature that will focus on television gadget that will be compatible with other devices from the company including iPhones and tablets. This research will also help us to see the value embedded in a products innovation and shed more light on the way it is shared out across different participants.

The result will also be of great significance to students, law or policymakers, and managers whose main concern is on the value captured by innovation. Additionally, innovation is in line with the mission, vision, and value of Apple, Inc. the innovation will also help us to study a general innovation type known as radical. Radical innovation involves either a new technology introduction for instance iPhone 6 or another fresh way of putting technologies together to help expand on a product with various abilities. Here, the innovation will combine technologies to enhance the capabilities of Apple, Inc.’s devices.

CourseWorks Assignment Writing Sample on Apples Innovation

CourseWorks Assignment Writing Sample on Apples Innovation

Innovation Strategic Plan

The new TV gadget innovation will be carried out on a global innovation network. It will be the first TV type with ability to connect to iPhones and tablet devices via Bluetooth, WIFI, and physical connections through the USB port. This kind of innovation will also enhance access to the internet through television screens because iPhone and tablet screens are relatively smaller.

Technology to be included on the TV will help to facilitate compatibility with the software used in Apple Inc’s tablets and iPhone for example the iOS software. The television to be created will also have the ability to compress and convert data (e.g. the music and video files) and facilitate an ideal data storage format for tablets and iPhones with a lot of ease

The innovation will additionally be featured through different technology combinations for instance compression of video and audio and conversion software as this will ensure proper music storage on the inside of a gadget as opposed to carrying them on flash disks or hard disks (O’grady, 2009).

The innovation aforementioned above is tailor-made to enhance the present device (Apple Inc’s iPhone and tablets) via the use of technology to enhance their ability and performance. The company should also take advantage of this by incorporating advancements and in a unique way to help capture the attention of a client and later hit on the product.

Similarly, Apple, Inc should design a structural design system affecting many significant aspects such as sound and video clarity. Additionally, it should manage closely the entire procedure and monitor with outside partners to be in a position to design television so that suppliers and manufacturers a concomitantly prepare the tooling and supply chain for large manufacturing thus, being in a position to bring it to the market and within the anticipated period of time.

While many significant areas and components are being involved, the company should work closely with partners from the outside to design and implement many custom inputs as they can manage for instance high-speed USB cables. This radical enhancement of the company’s iPhone and tablet will not only be amazing but also a unique software and hardware content and services combination in a way that it will be easy to utilize and more inclusive compared to present devices.

Apple Inc. better still should ensure its content is licensed from major labels and from movie to television industries and audiobooks thus, creating a price and digital rights model that will be highly attractive to all its clients and attract many more. This further fulfills the vision of the organization by offering the world innovative software and products. The company’s mission is also notable based on the fact that the company is leading in the world of digital music via its innovation and it is expected to deliver more effective music.

Apples, Inc.’s Benefits

Value distribution in the context of international supply of the new device from Apple (Television) reveals that the company will enjoy the largest share of value. While the components of the products are invented in China and in other countries, the primary advantage will be to the US economy where Apple, Inc. is based (Maxwell, 2009). This is based on the fact that the company maintains many of its software developments, marketing, and product management, product design, and other wage activities in the U.S.

The results further reveal that countries tend to occupy spaces that are well defined in global supply chains. The countries that are innovative also tend to create while other states only nip on their heels and often capture a small share of the value that is being developed. These relationships are no longer written on stone but they are slow to change.

For policymakers, it means that all support strategies should be focused on the enhancement and maintenance of the position of the state. Leading countries including Japan and the U.S have so far been served well by measures that support innovation (Maxwell, 2009). Policymakers should also be aware of the fact that there is no single state or company that is the source of all inventions and that all organizations have to work with global partners.

Policymakers should avoid such, including policies and terms of trade to help enhance the contribution of local companies in concerned networks.

CourseWorks Assignment Writing Sample on Apples Innovation

CourseWorks Assignment Writing Sample on Apples Innovation: References

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