Comparison-Contrast essay on voting for Hillary Clinton vs. voting for Donald Trump

Narrowed topic

I am writing on voting for Hillary Clinton vs. voting for Donald Trump. In this essay, I will give and prove primarily the three reasons why voting for Hillary Clinton is a better political approach.

Intended audience

The intended audience in this case are all the young voters and the aim of this paper is to convince them that Hillary Clinton is the better choice. Most of the young people are oblivious to whatever happens in politics as they somehow assume that it won’t affect them which it eventually does without them even realizing it. They take a back seat in politics yet keep complaining that the government does not look after their interests. Young people therefore need to take a stand and vote for a leader who understands their problems and will protect their interests. It is important for young people to make their votes count

Thesis statement

I believe that Hillary Clinton would make a better president as she has dedicated herself to the American people for years. She has years of experience, the right mindset, the right temperament, the right policies and the right attitude towards leadership. She has been teste and tried and this is an assurance that she will deliver on her promises

Method of writing and development

The method I opted for is the point by point format this is because it enables me to compare and contrast the two front runners in the elections more easily as it is easy to organize thoughts in an organized manner




For my first prewriting method, I chose freewriting. I wrote down several ideas from each of their backgrounds to consider who deserves my vote in November as President. Free Writing help me develop my body paragraphs and topic sentence in my introduction. Although I came across an abundance of research, I have yet to narrow down the details to use in my essay.


My second prewriting method is an outlining.  When outlining, I used a plethora of researched information and came across three reason why Clinton will make a better candidate than Trump. Using the outlining approach helped me to figure out which three reason I will probably use as three body paragraphs.


Thesis statement: Hillary Clinton is a more competent leader than Donald Trump is as she is a transactional leader

The title of my essay is Hillary vs. Donald:

Transactional leaders focus on the team’s overall performance through supervision, and organization. Hilary Clinton exhibits more of these characteristics and seeks to better the government. She played different roles within the government, such as; Secretary of State, Senator, and First Lady. She understands the roles and responsibilities of Commander in Chief/President. Hillary has therefore been tried and tested and has shown her capabilities in governance from being the first lady to going unto politics herself. She therefore has a wealth of knowledge on governance. This makes her more experienced and competent in governance and thereby the better option as president

Transformational leaders motivate their follower’s behaviors towards common roles and shared vision (Judge & Piccolo, 2004). Donald Trump capitalizes on people’s fears and motivating them through fear. His speeches talk about excluding people and are less inclusive of diversity in America. This indicates naivety as some measures are too extreme and this would cause outrage from all over the country. His policies will bring about division instead of bringing people together

I chose to vote for Hillary Clinton for several reasons. But there are three main reasons that solidify my choice.

My first reason for voting for Hillary is her sincerity. Now, I am well aware that all politicians who run against each other tend to bash their opponents and tarnish his or her name. However, Hillary seems to have more neutral things to say about her opponents  (Wang & Luo, 2016). Sure, she labels Donald Trump unfit to be President from time-to-time but her labels are strictly political. Donald Trump will use your personal tragedies and misfortunes to gain voters and bruise your reputation in public. Donald seems to be always making the other opponent look bad. As far as I have seen, he has not shown any sincerity. The last reason I am voting for Hillary is her wholesome background. In my research, Hillary Clinton acts as one of the most remarkable personalities in America who demonstrate effective women leaders. Hillary Rodham Clinton is portrayed only as a first lady to many; however, events she has participated and positions she held are crucial to her overall being.

Clinton has committed herself to changing American society by reform. She envisioned her dreams as a child and made them into a reality taking advantage of every opportunity she had as a woman.  Clinton has been able to accomplish so much; she is a graduate, a senator, a lawyer, a mother, and an overall motivated, intelligent woman: a political genius. Throughout her childhood, aspirations, and life in the White House. She was ambitious and driven to achieve all her desires (Wang, Zhang, Niemi,  & Luo, 2016)


I do not feel the same way about Donald Trump when I watch him speak. Hillary tends to make me constantly feel on edge. I always feel as though I have to put up an emotional wall. And I only watch him on television. His background is rooted in wealth, class and shady politics (Wang, Zhang, Niemi,  & Luo, 2016). Donald “came from money”. He was raised in an upper class family who “looked down upon” lower class and even middle class working folks. Folks like myself. Any politics in his family bloodline was successfully done in a shady or dishonest matter. Although, I’m not entirely sure, but he has a lot of racial tendencies. Labeling all Latinos (Mexicans) as liars, thieves, rapist and murderers. And showing his ignorance of having black friends as the maids who work for him. I believe that Donald Trump will be a modern day version of Adolf Hitler igniting a genocide so big it will have a lasting effect for thousands of years to come. He will never get my vote.

Donald trump therefore exhibits extremism which makes him unfit to be president as he has the traits of a dictator. However, we find that Hillary has had a sober approach to the race throughout which means she has the right mindset and the right temperament for the job


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