Argumentative Essay on Law

Argumentative Essay on Law
Argumentative Essay on Law- argumentative essay against capital punishment

Capital punishment should not be implemented because it can lead to wrongful execution. It is no doubt that there are many people who are sentenced to death penalty yet they were truly innocent. In most cases, crucial and strong evidence that proves a victim innocent is usually obtained after the sentence has been implemented, hence the reason as to why capital punishment should be scrapped.

It is obvious that a person who has been wrongly executed can never be brought back to life. It is even sad that the court is not always right on who should be acquitted or convicted following a murder charge. This means that wrongful execution may take years or may not even be stopped in many countries where the law is applicable.

Additionally, capital punishment denies anyone who is wrongfully accused the due process of the law to prove his or her innocence. This is unfair bearing in mind that evidence to prove the accused innocent can be hard to obtain. What’s more, there is usually a short period for appeal for death penalties.

Another detrimental impact of the punishment is that it doesn’t give an opportunity to an offender to reform. It is a law that tends to support families of victims and reveals how the justice system can be an advocate of revenge.  The truth is that the sentence is traumatic because the society values life and there should be no room to intentionally kill people.  Even though various states try to look at the advantages of death penalty, including reduction of murder cases, the benefits are quite illusory.  Therefore, the sentence should not be implemented.

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