Anti-Semitism Essay Writing sample

Anti-Semitism Essay Writing sample

Prejudice and discrimination have existed throughout the history of humans. Despite causing many terrible things, discrimination and prejudice continues even in the modern society. Anti-Semitism refers to prejudice against Jews. Perhaps, this is a form of prejudice and discrimination that has caused most problems in the history of humans.
Anti-Semitism is used in reference to the people who discriminate the Jewish communities. Although this discriminatory word gained increasing popularity during the holocaust, it existed since the reign of the early Romans and Greeks. Romans and Greeks persecution of the Jews left them without a homeland. They were called “the others” by other communities.
Hitler perpetuated discrimination and prejudice against the Jews when he blamed Germany’s financial hardship on the Jews. He led the Germans in hating and torturing the Jews. Germans who did not support Hitler were treated as Jews. 3.5 million Jews were killed during the reign of Hitler.

Joseph Stalin, a Russian dictator also supported Hitler in persecuting the Jews. When he learnt what Hitler was doing in Germany, he started by laying off all Jewish employees in the Russian government. Later, he took away their right to religion. Request by the Jewish who sought to emigrate from Russia to a place where they could worship freely was denied.

When the holocaust was over, some Jewish from Germany and Russia were awarded emigration permission and they went to the U.S. Influx of the Jewish in the U.S raised concern among the Americans. Anti-Semitism continued even in America although the Jewish were allowed to worship freely. In the U.S, the Jewish were lynched when caught doing something wrong. Hate notes against them were also attached on rocks or bricks. Their homes were vandalized by American teenagers and groups such as the KKK or the Skinheads.
Modern studies revel that Anti-Semitism still exists and groups that are anti-Semitic have a negative perception of Immigrants, African-Americans, women, illegal aliens, lesbians and gays.
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