A View from the Bridge Essay

A View from the Bridge Essay
A View from the Bridge Essay

A View from the Bridge is a play by Arthur Miller written in 1955. The main theme depicted in the play is justice. It illustrates justice in two set of laws- family law and public law. It also explores the outcome of the both laws. The main character in the play is Eddie Carbone who is an Italian-American Longshoreman. He has a wife- Beatrice and an orphaned niece- Catherine.
They friendship has grown deeper and it leads to the arrival of Beatrice cousins Marco and Rodolpho from Italy who have fled to America illegally in search of employment and to evade hunger. Catherine is wowed by Rodolpho and they start an affair. However, Eddie is not convinced that their affair will work.
They later decide to marry, but Eddie is not for the idea. He thus opts to seek help from an acquaintance on the situation and Alfieri is the best person to consult a he’s a lawyer and a narrator. Alfieri informs Eddie that there is no law that prevents people from falling in love and should not take any unrepentant actions on the issues.

Eddie gets irritated and plans for better means to stop the affair. He later catches Rodolpho leaving her niece bedroom and so, he gets irked and calls the Immigration Bureau. His betray turns obnoxious and more immigrants are arrested alongside Marco and Rodolpho.
Eddie reputation is instantly ruined as many people in the community condemn his decisions. Alfieri later bails them out, but he asks Marco not to revenge. The wedding is set immediately as Rodolpho is allowed by to stay due to his engagement to an American citizen, but Marco is to be deported immediately.
On the other side, Eddie refuses to attend their wedding and forbids Beatrice not to attend their wedding. Marco snubs his promise and confronts Eddie and a fight breaks out. Unfortunately, Eddie is impaled by his own knife and dies in the arms of his wife.

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