“A Good Man Is Hard To Find” Example Essay

“A Good Man Is Hard To Find” Example Essay

A good man is hard to find is an incredible story that takes a closer look at human character. It also discusses how humans abide by certain rules in the society. In the book, the author Flannery O’Connor focuses on a grandmother who is the main character in the story. The grandmother has a totally different point of view of good morals. She regards a fugitive as a good man and even though she withholds some truthful information, she also considers herself good and tells Red Sammy that he is good even though he sold gas to non deserving clients.

The grandmother strongly believes in religion and salvation. Therefore, when the family faces any difficulty, she cries to Jesus for protection and safety.  The author also focuses on the fugitive who has a different perception of the word good. He doesn’t align to any religion and he cannot find a reason as to why he is convicted despite his wrong doing. The fugitive is immoral, believes in meanness and is inconsiderate but due to his perception of good morals, he believes that his wrongs are always good.

In the story, there are also children who have a different perception of good morals. They offer impudent responses to their granny during a road trip. Even so, no one rebukes them. A good man is hard to find is therefore a great story that reveals how people perceive good and bad morals in the society. It relates to personal experiences of how good morals have been eroded.

The essay, aims at helping people to observe good morals based on their living patterns. The author believes that good morals are very important in creating a community that is good for all. Therefore, when writing ‘a good man is hard to find’’ essay example you should get the best assistance from an expert.

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