Sample Paper on Information Technology in the Field of Oil Gas Pipeline and Environment

My area of interest is Information Technology in the Field of Oil Gas Pipeline and Environment. The Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Application scholarship will be instrumental in my field of study because the program is in line with my field of specialty. Further, I have knowledge of the skills that I need to polish for the purpose of making the society a better place – not only Alberta, but also the world over.  I have a bachelor’s degree in computer and mathematics and currently pursuing a master’s degree in Information Systems. The professional experience that I have gained thus far, directs me towards Oil Gas and Pipeline and environment with regards to information technology.

Moreover, I have adequate skills and technical knowhow to link the aspects of information technology, oil gas and pipeline and environment which is primarily dictated by my thesis for the master’s degree. My thesis for the master’s degree is Dynamic Internet Hosting Platforms which surveys wide spheres correlating with information technology.  This includes an in depth survey of the face recognition techniques, and intellectual property. The research that I have conducted this far has brought about a deeper understanding of wide spheres including; reusable learning object project and future information systems which can be synchronized with aspects of information technology that are needed in the field of oil, gas and pipeline and including the environment. The correlation between my research and the above mentioned scholarship has a merit on the society and knowledge of such systems are the sure way of doing away with the current energy and environmental pollution menace.

Knowledge of information technology in the field of gas, pipelines and environment has its input in reducing wastage and pollution to the environment. There is global warming as a result of the release of wastes and toxic gases to the environment. Such hazardous moves have been introduced by the dynamics of industrialization and urbanization. My knowledge on such a field would be instrumental in reducing wastage in oil and gas companies in terms of reducing the wastage of these economical gases and oil spillage to the environment. Moreover, the field has an aspect of promoting environmental consciousness and tuning morals towards environmental conservation. Reduction of the waste would be important in providing technical advice to countries like China, with its huge population and many industries that makes it difficult to contain air pollution.

The current carbon emissions to the environment has increased overtime requiring the dire need of systems that can contain such methodologies and aspects contributing to the release. The living standards of a populace can only be improved through sustaining the environment and provision of healthy ingests that do not affect the population health. The dynamics of information technology has brought about pollution; I do believe that the same technology can be used to reduce the menace of pollution and hazards to the environment. I have the knowledge on the efficient use of information technology in deliberating on wastage and aspects of cost reduction. In my thesis, my meticulous research has widened my knowledge bringing about a cost effective dynamic provision in internet hosting platform. As an informatics guru the internet serves as my platform for creating awareness to the members of the public and assisting in ensuring safety with regards to reducing environmental pollution.

The input of a specialist in oil, gas and pipeline is important in reducing the leakages that come about during the transportation of oil or gas in pipelines. Most of the oil pipes are transported below the sea bed and spillage might result in massive water pollution. The environmental conservation and information technology are correlated because information technology and techno know how is in place to ensure environmental safety. For example, the installation of leakage detection systems in the environment with regards to the pipeline will keep leakages at bay which is eco – friendly. Moreover, a key factor to note is the fact that is possible to steer clear of one problem and in the process create another. The skills gained from this scholarship program would be instrumental in sharpening my analytical skills to stop such collateral damage from ensuring.

The network – oriented adaptive fault detection and diagnostic algorithms for real – time agent systems in my master’s thesis are problem detecting tools and a solution to many internet high risk problems. Information is power, the resource persons in a field serve in the exchange of ideas and aid in solution finding. This scholarship program is vital in shaping my career objectives and streamlining my thoughts towards providing solutions real time to problems that prove concurrent in the oil, gas and pipelines in Alberta and the world over. This is effective in reducing the maintenance costs, spillage costs and labor costs needed in the maintenance of the pipelines and the skill level needed of the laborers.

The danger posed by leakages in the oil and petroleum fields has claimed many lives. The death toll can be grossly reduced by the synchronization of informatics in the pipelines and the reduction of the spillage. An Eco – friendly Alberta will serve in improving the living standards by reducing the cost of wastage through leakages and spillages that can be easily reduced through vigilance and the input of information technology. This is more likely to lead to an increase in the economy of the country through reduced oil, gas and petroleum prices, and good health to the citizenry. Though human resource endowment is important, technology, particularly the use of robots has the effect of reducing human labor. This is primarily the input of informatics. Hence, information technology that comes about as a result of the scholarship program will be instrumental in training of employees in oil, gas and pipeline industries to provide multi – skilled labor as opposed to semi – skilled generalists.

I am qualified to join this scholarship program. My educational experience, research capabilities and my level of expertise attests to my worth of participating in a life changing opportunity such as this. The plans and developmental agenda that I do have with regards to this scholarship will cover a wide scope and most of it targets giving back to the society and deriving an Eco – friendly environment. I am therefore urging your kind – self to grant me this chance to polish my skills and give back to this deserving world. Information technology has its wide applications and its discovery is still ongoing. However, I do believe that with the knowledge we have this far accidents due to oil spillage leading to environmental degradation can be best put at bay.