Sample Paper on Critical Review

The reporter, in the article, explains the legitimate objections, consequences, and related issues pertaining to the deregulation of a genetically modified grass seed species, commonly known as creeping bent grass. The U.S. Department of Agriculture – or USDA – has effectuated the deregulation through an agreement with the company that created the species (Profita, Cassandra). Scotts Miracle-Gro – its creator –  genetically engineered the species to be used in golf courses. However, it escaped its initial production environment and continued to spread uncontrollably. The deregulation has allowed the company to abandon its responsibility of leading the eradication efforts – and hence relieved from the finical burdens in the process. There are economical as well as environmental repercussions for the invasive grass species, such as: crowding out export grass seeds, invading public and private lawns, and introducing a negative imbalance in the ecosystem(Profita, Cassandra).

The genetic modifications of the creeping bent grass are exhibited through its lighter color, thicker form, tolerance to stepping and low mowing, and tendency to form clumps when it is not mowed – characteristics that make it perfect for golf courses, but bad for home lawns. In addition to its invasive nature, it also exhibits resistance to the majority of the herbicides.

Our local community should push our representatives to work to invalidate the deregulation deal,  and restore the company’s role of leading the eradication efforts; as home owners and other affected parties only have limited options to counter the species invasion, namely, one or two herbicides, and using hands or shovels to root it out – which is not effective.

Profita – the author -is an accomplished Environmental journalist with EarthFix –an established media outlet, one can conclude her purpose is to protect, and raise awareness about environmental issues.  She compellingly quotes different yet significantly credible and relevant sources. However, there is an element of potential bias as she substantially elaborate on one view, and doesn’t explain the opposing view.


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