Sample Essay on Summary of the article Hydropower’s status

The article is about the state of the hydroelectric power in regards to its merits, demerits, and its future growth. The article begins by featuring the concerns, especially from the environmentalist the effects of the hydroelectric producing dams on the environment in totality(Ward 1). However, the article also emphasized on the role that the hydropower has as far as the provision of the safe green energy is concerned for the future. The article then covered the major damsacross the world that are either under construction or are in plans for the future construction (Ward 6). The move is projected to solve the looming power crisis that is expected to rock the world in future. The article has also highlighted the solution to the environmental crisis that are associated with the hydroelectric dams (Ward 12). Some of the solutions according to the article include building new dams and modifying the existing dams that have less impact on the environment. Besides production of electricity, the article has also highlighted other benefits of the hydroelectric dams such as provision of water for both irrigation and domestic uses (Ward 14).

My thoughts about the articleHydropower’s status

I agree with the author’s ideas about the hydroelectric power and its impact not only among the homeowners but also in the general economy. I also support the author’s idea of creating dams that are having less influence of the environment. This is because with the ever increasing population, the demand forgreenerenergy also increases, which makes hydroelectric power more appropriate. Moreover, apart from producing the hydroelectric power for the homeowners and the general economic growth, the dams will also provide water that can be used for irrigation that ensures food security.

Summary of the article Iceland’s Geothermal Reserves

This article covers the potential of the geothermal energy in Iceland. It starts with the brief history of the geothermal energy in Iceland by featuring Snorri Sturlusson. According to the article, the author claims that Snorri Sturlusson was the first Icelander to tap the heat from the earth for the pool that was in his backyard (Mims 1). The article further states that from that time, the Icelanders have been using the geothermal energy to heat water for their domestic uses. Moreover, Iceland has the world greatest potential of producing geothermal power that can only be challenged by the Great Rift Valley of Africa. The two factors that are behind the Iceland as the world leading geothermal power producer are the availability of the underground water reservoir and the presence of the magma that can heat water to a magnitude of about 400 degrees Celsius (Mims 3). Besides, Iceland is also the leading exporter of the geothermal experts across the world. The author also purports that the future of the geothermal depends on the supercritical steam. The exploration of the supercritical steam is undertaken by a project known as Iceland Deep Drilling Project (IDDP) (Mims 14).

My response to the article Iceland’s Geothermal Reserves

I totally agree with the Mims regarding the importance of the geothermal power. The author has categorically put it that geothermal power has the potential of not only providing a cheap source of energy but also an environmentally friendly energy. Moreover, the over dependency of the fossil fuels as a source of energy will be over when the geothermal is fully exploited. The future of the geothermal power is promising because of the current exploration of supercritical steam. As a potential homeowner, I prefer cheap, environment-friendly, and a reliable source of energy that can be provided by the geothermal power.

Summary of the article The Benefits of the Renewable Energy Industry

The article covers the economic importance of the renewable energy industries. It starts with featuring a case study of the shutting down of the Fraser Paper Mill that resulted in a massive loss of jobs, loss of the revenue, and loss of the historical identity (Lacey 2). However, with the idea of converting the Fraser Paper Mill to the biomass electrical generation facility has brought a new breath of life to the local residents of the northern New Hampshire city of Berlin. This is because the facility was projected of creating over 540 jobs and producing 50 megawatts of clean and renewable energy (Lacey 3). The author has used this case study to communicate with the investors, federal and state government to embrace other sources of energy as a substitute to the fossil energy. The author has pointed out that renewable energy has a better economic impact as opposed to the nonrenewable energy such as the fossil fuels. This is because, renewable energy has the ability to create more job opportunities, more revenues, and less negative environmental impacts (Lacey 5)

My response to the article The Benefits of the Renewable Energy Industry

I can without any doubt say that the world requires other alternative sources of the renewable energy. The over-reliance on the fossil fuel is not only expensive, but also impacts the environment negatively. Therefore, renewable energy has a better economic impact as compared to nonrenewable energy. As pointed by the article, I can purport that renewable energy is the way to go and the governments across the world should start investing in the other sources of renewable energy for a global economic prosperity.

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