Sample Research Proposal Paper on Should LGBT Members Come out and Let Their Parents See the Truth or Keep Silent Face to the World?

Being a member of LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, and Transgender) is not considered the norm in the society and most people are against their sexual identity. Most of the cultures around the world are against the LGBT community and are against its sexual orientation. Religions are also against the LGBT community often fights against them. Most governments around the world also fail to recognize the rights of LGBT community and, as a result, they face high discrimination in the society as well as social injustices. Nevertheless, it is evident that LGBT community exists, and we have to live with it. Today, most social rights movements and activists have come out to fight for the rights of LGBT community. In some countries such as the US, social right movement and activist have been fighting for the legalization of same-sex marriage (David, & Knight, 2008). As a result, most LGTB members have come out in the lime right to declare their sexual identity. A big question usually arises on whether LGBT members should come out and let their parents see the truth or keep silence face to the world. Most of the LGBT members especially gays have not disclosed their status to either their parents or other family members. Studies illustrate that there is a huge cost for LGBT community of remaining closet or hidden.  The paper will discuss the harmful effect of LGBT members remaining in closet and especially the gay community.

As indicated, being LGBT member has become common and acceptable in most parts of the world. Various civil rights organizations and activists are in support the LGBT community especially gay marriage. As a result, gay should come out and disclose their status to parents and other family members rather than remaining silent. Failure to come out and disclose one’s status has serious negative implication to an individual. First failure to disclose hinders recognition of the LGBT community. Currently, the law has not fully recognized and embraced gay rights all over the world. Coming out and disclosing one’s status can help lawmakers to make legislations that will protect gay rights. This will ensure gays enjoy equal rights with other citizens such as freedom to marry. Failure to disclose will mean that the gay community will remain marginalized and, therefore, susceptible to discrimination.

Failure to come out will also lead to a lack of parental support. For many individuals, parents are the most supportive people in their life and depend on them for financial, emotional and psychological support.  Disclosing the sexual identity of parents and other family members will help LGBT members to get the support for their relationship. As a result, LGBT community will face less discrimination in the society and be accepted in the society. Failure to disclose will lead to a lack of understanding by parents and, as a result, they will lack psychological support. Additionally, disclosing to parents about one’s sexual identity helps to fight the stigma associated with being a member of LGBT. According to various research conducted on the LGBT community, gay and lesbians experience stigma and usually feel guilty about themselves. As a result, most of them are likely to engage in other risky behaviors such as drug and substance abuse. Failure to coming out will affects the LGBT youth psychologically and may sever from mental problems such as depression and stress.

Disclosing one’s sexuality also helps one to be accepted in the society and in religion. Most societies and religion are against gay marriage. As a result, gays and other LGBT members are highly discriminated and often suffer rejection in the society and religious gatherings. Religions such as Christianity believes that same-sex marriage is against gods will and hence it should not be allowed. On the other hand, several traditional cultures believe that same-sex marriage is immoral and is against cultural beliefs. Failure to disclose will strengthen these beliefs and LGBT youths will continue to suffer in silence.

Nevertheless, opponents of LGBT coming out and disclosing their sexual identity to their parents argues that coming out can contribute to rejection and poor relationship with the parent. Most of the LGBT members are young youths and depend on their parents for support. Disclosing their identity can trigger a negative reaction from parents and lead to loss of their support. Same-sex relationship is considered taboo and immoral in most community, and hence most of the parents are against it. The religions are also against same-sex marriage since it is against the gods will. Hence, most of the parents are against LGBT community.


Coming out and revealing sexual identity is important for LGBT people. Disclosing to parents help to gain their support and hence help to fight discrimination in the society. Coming out also helps LGBT members to fight stigma and self-denial associated with discrimination in the society. Despite the opposition by religion and cultural leaders, coming out will also help in the legalization of same-sex marriage. Therefore, I would support LGBT members coming out to let their parents see the truth rather than keeping silence to face the world.