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Sample Research Paper on the Simpsons

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Sample Research Paper on the Simpsons

Music has been used and is still being used by different shows to portray cultures and lifestyles of various persons. It has been used to help one have a clue to the kind of a person one is, and perhaps where the person comes from. In the Simpsons TV show, music is also used to pass across information about different cultures. The television series that targeted the adults is based on a family and the life experience the family experiences in a town in America. Through this series, it shows how the different channels of media influence young children in certain ways. Viewers from watching the TV series are able to differentiate different cultures and what they are popularly known for. However, the use of music in this series has been used to portray politics in many incidences. The use of the theme of music in this series helps to market, and draws much attention of the series. Creating and using interesting themes, perhaps themes that are trending in a society, is useful in the film industry. The creators of the series moreover use different music genres that would help a viewer understand the location of an episode. For instance, the episode of the Simpsons family in Brazil, a viewer is able to hear different music styles in Brazil and also the English accent by the people in that culture.

            The TV show, which illustrates a traditional family and all the experiences the individuals of a family experience, explain the need for a close relation with other family members despite their differences. Music has been used to show different generations in the TV series and also different cultures. The use of slang language, for instance, is an example that is used in the music theme of the series and through this, one would be able to tell which culture the music is based on. The article by Kutnowski, ‘Trope and Irony in The Simpsons’ Overture’, has shown how the series uses music to reflect the real problems in different families and individuals, experience in American life. The use of music is meant to show understanding of the TV series, and the effects of engaging in some practices, such as racism. It is through engaging viewers and other users of the TV series in different cultures that will enable people be interested to learn from different cultures and create a level of respect for people with their beliefs and tradition. Understanding and respecting different cultures enables the society to reduce the level of racial discrimination among people with different skin complexions and different values.

            The Simpsons, had a large number of viewers from different continents and had to at least show some experiences in the lives and cultures of people in different countries. In the article by Dobson, Mister Sparkle: Depictions of Japan in The Simpsons, the author tries to speak more about the race issue, concerning the Simpsons and Brazil. This issue was due to the view that the Brazilian boy being searched for was believed to be abandoned and neglected by the Brazilian society, and the boy needed to be helped and saved from his situation. Through this, it showed that Brazil was a society that was dominated by economic challenges, corruption, and a society stricken by poverty. This also portrayed Brazillians as people who lack self-esteem. The Americans believe that if the country did not have economical challenges, and had generous people, the young boy would not get lost. However, the scene where the Brazil neighborhood and people are being shown helps a viewer understand that the country is a third world country. The different activities and the level of crime in the country show how the government has not been able to create enough jobs for its citizens who then opt to engage in criminal activities to earn a living.

In addition, as the Simpsons go to different places in search of Ronaldo, they experience situations that could portray racism. They see Brazil as a crime area when they board a taxi and the Americans are are kidnapped. This shows how the white are viewed as people who are very wealthy. However, the family experiences challenges when trying to get along with the people and children around the environment. The series in the episode of the Simpsons going to Brazil shows how the people are corrupt in the country. The article shows that when one needs to be assisted with something, he/she will need to give a bribe in order to get the services. Despite the rich culture and traditions of Brazil, it is believed that the people do not embrace exploiting their resources. However, the series tries to give a viewer the chance to understand that citizens in a country need to embrace what they have, and use their resources to generate income. However, the government should focus on campaigns that will help the Brazilian people to create jobs for themselves through this.

            The article by Neuhaus shows how the Simpsons tried to have a relationship with the family by spending time together as a family. In relation to the many changes that have affected the society, where parents get less time to spend with their children due to work, this is a positive thing that encourages families to always create time to be together. Through this, the family members are able to create love, loyalty, and affection for each other despite the differences and disagreements they experience together. Some people may criticize the kind of lifestyle that Simpsons had but it has been a major concern recently by parents and other organization for children to always spend enough time together with their parents. The Simpsons children through spending time together with their parents show them some respect as much as they may have bad perceptions about them. The Simpsons parents show affection for each other at all times. They, therefore, portray a good example to their kids by showing the purpose to respect and understand each other. The parents play the roles as parents to their kids and also husband and wife to each other. This shows how the Simpsons parents are great homemakers and passes across ideas to other families on the need to be homemakers. Portraying the family aspect by the creators of the TV series, shows that the programme is not restricted to any age and all family members can watch together. In most cases, families only spend time together when watching TV; however, the series can help families to have more time together as they watch the programme together.

            The Simpsons showed how they were able to interact with other families and individuals in the society through this article. They have used the theme of humor to create friendship with other people and families. The Simpsons would interact with other families by engaging them in most of the activities they did as a family or as individuals. As much as some of the families and individuals would find some of their routine activities weird, they would find it fun and probably engage in the activities together with the family. The Simpsons family spends time together by watching TV, which was a common form of bringing the whole family together. This article shows how the character of the Simpsons series teaches viewers about self-hood and how it goes on. There is therefore a need for people to identify who they are and accept who they are. Through this, one will be able to respect the ones around them and their differences, therefore creating an environment that is not biased.

            However, the TV, which happens to be a major social aspect in the Simpsons family, also teaches that it could affect one’s social life, for instance, Homer who is a character in the series as the father of the family, is obsessed with watching television and at sometime in the series, he fantasizes to have committed a crime which he saw on TV. He created a relation to his television set that made him believe that anything he saw on TV was right. People have the tendency of spending most of their time watching television, which is a danger to one’s social life. From this article, we learn the need for children and people to interact with others, other than spending their social time watching TV and movies that would ruin them and perhaps affect their ethnic beliefs. The creators of the series brought into place the aspect of family responsibilities, where the mothers are believed to be the housewives and the children go to school, and the father as the bread winner. However, contrary to this, the series shows how the irresponsibility of any of the family member would affect the family social life in one way or another. The children in this family do not view their father as the Bread winners, but as the father who earns some income and rushes to have some drinks with his friends. The children may end up creating a bad perception about their fathers, and the programme shows the need for parents to be responsible in order for their children to adapt the right values from them.

            The book by Simon Singh, The Simpsons and their mathematical secrets, shows the level of education of the people behind the television series. This was judged by Mr. Singh due to the many acts of bending logic, twisting logic, and perhaps logic that finally creates the sense of humor. It is usually believed that most mathematicians tend to play around with logic factors to try to figure out the main reason behind the logic terms and factors. Therefore, through the use of logic ideas and twisting them by the characters of the series, it shows that the producers are mathematicians. For instance, in the series, there is the episode of ‘Marge and Homer turn a couple plays’ it is shown in the Spring field a set of numbers that expected one had to choose from the choices given (Boucher 154). This is an example that portrays the writer behind the series to be mathematical lovers. The TV series help viewers also learn from watching. The viewers, however, need to be attentive enough to understand what happens in the series and in the different episodes. Through this, they will be able to notice the mathematical applications used by the creators in different episodes and will be able to try to apply mathematical logics in their time to time activities. Therefore, the TV series is also a productive series since viewer will not only laugh behind the humor of the series but also learn and create a positive perception about mathematics, which is a subject that many people dislike.

The Simpsons is believed to be ‘bad’ after the coming of other series that were based on ill talk. This is because it is trying to get more viewers than the other shows. However, since the Simpsons was engaged in the talk that was funny and with many jokes, most of the viewers who followed the series have created the perception that the series is meant for jokes and humor and not bad talks. Some people, however, believe that the series is not good spiritually due to the different behaviors of the characters in Simpsons family (Lobdell 58). They believe that Homer only thought of asking God for help when he is in emergency situations. Marge is said to be a better Christians among the other characters and though she assumed that lack of faith at times was good. Bart is also said to be a weak Christian who only prays when stranded. However, he does not believe that the soul exists. The TV series had a paradox situation. However, for a viewer to understand the paradox situation there will be a need for a proper inductive reasoning on the quality in the series observations. However, the changing of the aspect and teaching of the TV series to compete with other TV series that are being viewed will make a number of viewers lose trust on the production of the TV series that they have followed for a long time. It is therefore very important for the series creators to maintain the teaching and the themes they used to ensure that they maintain their loyal customers and viewers. This will attract even more viewers, which will be motivating for the TV series producers.

Coming with positive procedures to take care of competition among other rivals, is the major way that such a company can ensure that it is still become one of the most viewed animated TV series. However, as things change as well as technological aspects, the creators should apply the trending factors in order for viewers to find humor in it and also learn from them. Adapting new technologies that will better the graphics of the animated TV series will be also an advantage to the maintaining of the viewers. Viewers who are the customers will demand for what they find interesting and of high quality. Interesting and high quality work will attract many customers. Therefore, ensuring that content quality is not compromised will be an important agenda, and way of competing with other rivals.












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Sample Research Paper on the Simpsons

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Sample Research Paper on the Simpsons

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