Sample Research Paper on Smartphones

A smart phone is a device that individuals use to make telephone calls (Mylonas, Tsoumas, Dritsas & Gritzalis 50). It incorporated features that enable the device to operate as a computer or a digital assistance. Therefore, smartphones can be used to send and receive e-mails and edit office documents. Smart phones are mostly pocket-sized with features to receive and place voice calls, create and receive text messages. Other features of smart phones include media player, video games GPS navigation, camera, and the internet, which run numerous third-party software components referred to as the apps. The apps are behind the color display in addition to the graphical user interface, which covers approximately 70% of the front surface. Smartphones are technologically advanced than the cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs). Previously, cell phones were used to make calls and, contact info, and communication list. Later on, PDAs gained more attention than phones as they had added computer-like features.

Smart phones are based on the operating system, which enables running of applications. The present application systems include Android, iOS, Windows phone, Sailfish OS, Tizen, and Ubuntu Touch. Android is an application that was developed and maintained by Google Inc., and the Open Handset Alliance. Android is an open source platform that bears the options of proprietary components in addition to the suite of flagship software for the Google services and the Google play(). The application was introduced in 2008 through the release of the T-Mobile G1. Android had been applied in the development and distribution of modified versions of the OS such as the CyanogenMod. Vendors such as who used the range of tablets and Fire Phone adapted these versions (Mylonas, Tsoumas, Dritsas & Gritzalis 52). iOS previously referred to as the iPhone was developed by the Apple Inc. for the iPhone products. iPhone application has been majorly useful in modifying Smartphone industry and enabling Apple to become the most publicly valuable companies since 2011. Windows phone has been a product of Microsoft but has faced numerous versions for compatibility with the changing technology. Blackberry application was released initially with the Blackberry devices and became a useful product in providing secure push-email communications on wireless devices.

Just like other cell phones, smartphones are useful devices for communicating through voice calls, emails, and social network. Coupled with the infrared port, smart phones are useful for controlling television. This application is made possible by setting up varied types of apps associated with the manufacture of the television. To make sure everything is in order, the front-facing camera can be applied to a mirror. The zoom feature can be used to focus precise areas that need perfection. The screen brightness can be set to a high mode to illuminate. The screen brightness can be set to a high mode to illuminate the face. By installing the necessary apps, these devices can be applied as a flashlight to illuminate dark areas. Camera and flashlight features can be combined to control a heart rate. This is made possible by placing a finger on the camera lens and flash as apps read the pulse to generate beats-per-minute value (Tariq 4). Samsung Apps are mostly applicable for this use. Other than relying on internet searches and price shopping in retailer shops, smartphones can be used to scan the bar codes of the products and choose the best price for the required product. Some of the apps are applied to give immediate lists for the product pricing while others are useful in scanning the barcodes for the correct product online.

To maintain the safety of a business, various apps can be used to snap the photo of the card and enter the information of various business cards. Cam card is a free app for most smartphones and can be applied for this purpose. Security is made possible through as executives can avoid stuffing collected business cards in the bags (Tariq 3). In addition to this, most smartphones have inbuilt calculator apps that assists users find the correct calculations. Through the GPS applications, smartphones can be used to trace directions of unknown places, check the weather, find restaurants and events within the area and use services such as Google maps. This app in some phones enables users to track their stock and manage their handling. Therefore, GPS apps are highly useful in searching for local information, participate in networking sites, read news, and find local services. This means that Smartphone users, which are GPS enabled can never become stranded in new and unknown places, as long as the GPS apps are enabled (Jung 1).

Due to the usefulness of smartphones, businesses and employees are becoming more successful and have trouble imagining their day without a Smartphone. The majority of these devices can be applied in making phone calls, give directions through the GPS, take pictures, play music, and keep a record of all the appointments and contacts. Present devices contain an explosion of computer applications through the numerous apps that allows limitless applications. These apps enable the devices to be applied in endless ways and purposes. Other than using them for fun and for work, the apps rightly fit into personal needs depending on the brands.


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