Sample Research Paper on Funding Source Memo


The aspect of soil health, climate change, cultural resource and conservation outreach in relation to environmental management has been a crucial in the last few decades and needs to be looked into to evaluate how these factors contribute to the overall environmental outcomes (Doran & John (pp. 123), Laczko, Frank & Aghazarm, King & Thomas, Josiah & Scott (pp. 610) ). Missouri State Office posted on May 26, 2015 about a grant notice of opportunity number USDA-NRCS-EQIP-CTA-MO-15-01 seeking to fund an agricultural activity for a maximum number of five awards. The agency is seeking to support and partner with natural resource conservationists as they promote awareness and the implementation of the Farm Bill activities. The estimated total program funding is about $100,000.

Analysis of the Problem Under Research

The primary focus of this research is conducting conservation conferences, training, and outreach workshops that will help to educate Missouri’s private landowners, the farm community, cooperating agencies, conservation organizations,3, and the general citizenry. There are also two other opportunities alongside this announcement that seeks to partner with conservation implementation and cultural resources associated with climate change.


Investigating on this research topic will be of significance to the concerned individuals or groups that will need to know the condition of their environment and the various factors that contribute to the ultimate status of that environment.

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